James Woods: ‘Witness the actual birth of a Democrat’

By Joe Kovacs

Nicolette appearing on "Dr. Phil" (video screenshot)
Nicolette appearing on “Dr. Phil” (video screenshot)

Is it possible to pinpoint exactly when someone in America becomes a Democrat?

Actor James Woods thinks he’s discovered strong evidence.

On his Twitter feed Wednesday, the politically minded Hollywood star tweeted a 2018 clip from the “Dr. Phil” show, with a caption stating:

“In a rare television event, we are witness to the actual birth of a Democrat. Let’s take a peek…”

The video features a 15-year-old California girl named Nicolette who has been pampered by her mother Nina for her entire young life.

Nina admitted she has raised an “extravagant, spoiled and bratty” daughter, saying, “Nicolette has always had the best of anything and everything.”

She explained her daughter would sometimes spend $10,000 a month, and when mom decided to cut the teen’s allowance from $5,000 a month to $1,000, that’s when tensions increased.

But on the “Dr. Phil” show, Nina suggested a solution to the problem.

“I think the best thing would be to start with a job,” she said.

Her daughter instantly rejected even the thought of a job, bursting into tears while crying, “No. No! Noooo!”

“You need a job,” Dr. Phil said sternly.

“No, I don’t want a job,” Nicolette responded. “It’s so much work.”

“I’m tired from work. I don’t want to do that.”

Reaction on social media includes comments such as:

  • “Mom and Dad got what they raised. It’s not happenstance.”
  • “Dear God in heaven do the world a favor and put this person in the worst, lowest paying job possible without hope of getting fired until she learns how real people live.”
  • “Wow. This is funny. She has no income, doesn’t want to work, expects her Mom to give her a really, really expensive car and give her a couple thousand dollars a month. I have grandkids and when they stick their hands out I put a tool in their hands to earn it.”
  • “15 years ago I would have said this was fake and staged. Today I believe it’s absolutely 100 percent genuine.”

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