John McAfee flees U.S. for alleged tax fraud

By Around the Web

(BTC Wires) John Mcafee, the US presidential candidate, and a business tycoon has recently uploaded a video on his Twitter account. According to the video, McAfee is living in an exile on a boat after the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) charged him on Tax evasion frauds of felonious nature.

John, a long-term crypto advocate who was going to run for the President in 2020, is in a rocking boat (quite literally!). He has been charged by the IRS for using cryptocurrencies in criminal activities along with four other 2020 Presidential candidates.

John in his Twitter video talks about various aspects of his life, his tryst with the IRS and him evading the taxes. He says that he hadn’t paid any taxes in 8 years and he has not made it a secret or tried to hide it.

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