Lawmakers ban references to ‘he,’ ‘she’

By WND Staff



Lawmakers have a great deal of power, one of the reasons Americans should be so careful with their vote. Sometimes they use it in unusual ways.

For example, a decision in a California state Senate committee to ban “he” and “she.”

According to Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill, who reacted to the Daily Caller report on the committee’s work, it’s an example of political correctness run amok.

“It’s crazy. It really shows how far the politically correct lobby are willing to go in terms of policing language,” O’Neill said on Fox & Friends.”

“They now want to control not just hateful language and racist language which we all agree is a bad thing, but everyday speech. He and she. The words that people use all the time in everyday conversation to describe men and women. They want to dig down so far into how we speak and ultimately into how we think, that they are willing to ban the most common words in the English language.”

It was the Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Democratic Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson.

She claimed, the report said, “We are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender. We are using the phrase they and replacing other designations so that it’s a gender neutral designation of they. Basically that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.”

However, it apparently is one thing to write such a rule, another to follow it, the Daily Caller said.

Jackson herself was explaining, “We are using what my grammar teacher would have heart attack over. We are using the phrase they. My grammar teacher’s long gone. And I won’t be hearing from her. If any of you…”

The DC reported she immediately was cut off by those who corrected her language – to follow the rule.


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