Media brutally gang up on Catholic kids

By Joseph Farah

Virtually the entire major media ganged up, abused and defamed a group of Catholic teens who attended the March for Life last week.

Here are some of the headlines that topped off their grotesquely twisted retelling of an incident in Washington well chronicled by video.

YAHOO!: The Native American Elder Attacked By MAGA-Hatted Teens Explains That Viral Clip

YAHOO!: Catholic-school students could be expelled for jeering Native American

L.A. Times: Native American drummer speaks on the MAGA-hat-wearing teens who surrounded him

Politico/Associated Press: Diocese apologizes after students mock Native American at D.C. rally

Native American Activist Nathan Phillips: Covington Catholic Students Harassed Black Protesters

Outcry Results After Video Appears To Show Students Mocking Native American Man

Native American man confronted by teens speaks out

Talk about a rush to judgment.

Not only did the fake media make it up in record time, but the kids’ own diocese threw them under the bus; the National Review bought the lies of the leftist con-men hook, line and sinker; and other so-called conservatives piled before bothering to watch the whole video.

If they had simply done that, no one in their right mind could have concluded the kids did anything wrong.

Instead they were the targets of racial slurs, taunts and insults by leftist kooks. They were attacked by media even for maintaining smiles on their faces during the ordeal.

Even 24 hours after availability of the extended video that showed the Catholic kids behaving appropriately, CNN was still telling viewers not to believe their own eyes.

“A video that shows white high school students in Make America Great Again hats and shirts mocking a Native American elder shocked the country, leading to widespread denunciations of the teens’ behavior,” CNN was reporting late in the day Monday – nearly 24 hours after most of the humiliated fake media were looking for cover.

In case you’re still trying to make sense of what happened after the March for Life, which was all but eclipsed in news coverage by this incident, here it is.

A group of boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky were accosted by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites. I won’t bother to recount the insults hurled at the students. If you want to take the time to watch the bizarre incident unfold, be my guest. It could be an important lesson for you on how the fascist left works. Next, a man said to be a Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, walked into the group of students beating on a drum and chanting somewhat incoherently.

All the while, the boys endured taunts but didn’t deliver any.

Of course, that’s not what the fake news reported.

Thus, the boys were denounced by the talking heads. They were denounced by members of Congress. They were denounced by Republicans. They were denounced by “conservative” publications. You can imagine how they were roasted on social media.

As usual, Rush Limbaugh had the comment of the day on this story:

“Our biggest problem is graceful losers on our side who don’t get what we’re up against!” he said. “We will throw kids, future Republicans, people that we ought to be encouraging – we’ll throw ’em overboard in a matter of seconds – on the strength of one still-shot photo on CNN!”

America, it’s time to realize the true nature of the left. It will lie, steal, smear, maim and kill to get its way. It will never stop. It will never change. It is what it is. Worse yet, it is fully in charge of the corridors of power and influence in America – including, first and foremost, the media.

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