Mueller’s Gestapo police-state tactics

By Joseph Farah

You probably didn’t hear FBI Director Chris Wray whining about what makes him really mad – that some of his agents are not working because they’re not getting paid during the government shutdown, forcing other agents to cover their assignments.

He had his little hissy-fit the very day a dozen of his agents conducted a pre-dawn raid – SWAT-style – on Roger Stone’s house. They were packing lots of heat – automatic weapons, body armor. They banged on the door in the residential area of Fort Lauderdale demanding the guy who fully cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation into alleged “Russian collusion” with the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign come out with his hands up.

He was cuffed and treated like a terrorist mastermind or drug kingpin for his process crimes by Wray’s agents – presumably at his command.

You know what makes me angry? Gestapo police-state tactics by the FBI, Mueller and Wray.

I don’t know Roger Stone, but I know he’s no threat to me, his neighbors or the national security of the United States. It’s an absolute disgrace how he was arrested Friday. If the FBI hasn’t humiliated itself enough over the last several years, the spectacle of Stone’s raid made the agency look like either a joke or confirmation it is indeed a highly politicized national police agency punishing people whose only crimes are being in the periphery of President Trump.

Why the raid in the darkness?

Why was CNN invited to participate?

Did Mueller ever think about having someone call Stone after he had breakfast and tell him to report to court to be arraigned?

What did they expect him do – shoot up his neighborhood or the courtroom?

You know what this set-up was all about: It was about striking fear into the hearts of Americans who voted for Donald Trump, people who support him, people who respect the office of the president, people who believe in the rule of law. It was about sending political smoke signals across America that spell: “Trump’s a dangerous man – and so are his flunkies. This is how they should all be treated.”

I never thought I would see an institution like the FBI descend into strong-armed partisan politics. Worse yet, I never thought I would see armed agents acting like overzealous bullies in the streets of America.


I have much more to say about the way Mueller’s investigation has been conducted, but, for now, I’m holding my peace.

Let me just ask you if you saw it the same way I did.

Is there any doubt in your mind about what Mueller and the FBI were doing Friday morning? Why were they so heavily armed? Why so many agents? Did they fear for their lives from Roger Stone? Or were they making a point – sending a signal, making a show of force, scandalously playing hard-ball politics?

Remember what this probe was supposed to be about? Russian collusion!

We now know it doesn’t exist. It never existed in any meaningful way and certainly nothing that had any impact on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

From the very beginning of this investigation during the Barack Obama administration, it has been conducted by Democrats to ensnare Republicans. It has been about doing nothing in the face of blatant crimes by Hillary Clinton. The masterminds are and have been partisan political activists, not professional law enforcement personnel.

We got just some insight into the way things have worked in authoritarian and totalitarian regimes when the strong knock on the door comes during the night.

Chris Wray needs to be held to account for this, too. After James Comey, the FBI needs a major housecleaning, not more unaccountable rogue activity at the top.

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