Well, the government is still shutdown. And all over a paltry $5 billion to partially fund more of the southern border wall, which, according to Democrats, is expensive, ineffective and immoral. Back in April 2017, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, speaking with NBC’s Chuck Todd, said that all this talk about building a wall is just Trump admitting that he can’t control our border. Yes, like his predecessors did such a great job.

Meanwhile there’s a new caravan already on the move. The original estimated date of departure from Honduras was to be Jan. 15, 2019. But Mexico News reported that it was on its way as of Dec. 24.

It is said to be 15,000 strong. If this is anywhere near accurate, by the time the caravan makes it through Guatemala and El Salvador, it could be double that size. The interesting thing about this caravan is, according to sources, many have no plans to come to the United States.

Their destination is instead Chiapas, Mexico.

According to the Mexico Daily News, the migrants may not try to make it to the U.S. and instead are interested in working on railroad and reforestation projects in Mexico.

“We assume that this caravan … will pick up more people in El Salvador and Guatemala. But their aim is to arrive in Chiapas and request work there” on the Maya Train project and the reforestation announced by President López Obrador.

The new Mexican president announced plans to magnanimously issue work visas to any migrants who show up.

Great plan. Has Obrador learned nothing from his neighbor to the north? Compromise just this once to make yourself look like a good guy, and watch what happens. Soon, like the U.S., your country too will be overrun.

Another reason this latest caravan isn’t interested in traveling farther north is due to the treatment of the last migrant caravan. The city of Tijuana hasn’t exactly rolled out the red carpet. Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum, dubbed Tijuana’s Trump, has stated that the migrants are not welcome in his city. City residents even created a Facebook page called Tijuana en contra de la caravana migrante (Tijuana against the migrant caravan).

There have been large-scale protests against the migrants by Tijuana residents and a number of violent confrontations between residents and migrants. It is estimated that it is costing the city of Tijuana about $28,000 per day to house, feed and care for this swath of migrants, with no end in sight.

And all this fuss and angst, over what? It’s all and only about President Trump trying to do the right thing and build a physical barrier on our southern border. These large and heavily publicized caravans didn’t exist before Trump’s talk of a wall. Now, like leftist virtue signaling, it is apparently the thing to do – organize a mass of people, get to the American border and demand to be let in.

Thanks to the president, however, it didn’t work. So the last caravaners are stuck in limbo, in a compound in Tijuana. The next one up seemingly won’t add to the problem with its stated plan not to venture that far north – that is, until the Mexican president realizes what a mistake he made by compromising.

Recall I mentioned how Pelosi and the Dems keep repeating that walls are ineffective. I noticed a very interesting aerial view of the current migrant compound in Tijuana, where the last caravan is still being housed. Around the entire compound is a rather tall (10-15 foot) wall/fence:


I wonder why it was finally erected – to keep the migrants in or to keep the citizens of Tijuana out? To protect the town from marauding hoards of migrants? Was it erected to protect the migrants from angry townspeople, upset that the migrants are wasting all their resources? And why is there no one protesting this wall/fence?

Either way, it appears to be pretty effective. Don’t you think Nancy?

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