Pelosi-Democrats are immoral, not walls

By Mychal Massie

If walls are so immoral, why does the Vatican have one around it? Why did they build walls around forts in the old West? Was it to keep Indians out or to keep those persons inside safe and ensure that those coming in and out of the fort would do no harm?

Is it immoral to have a fence/wall around Fort Knox? Is it immoral to have walls around most of the major auto manufacturing plants? Is it immoral not to permit people to enter and roam around inside hospitals, Microsoft or Apple? Is it immoral to have walls around airports? Is it immoral to build fences/walls around military bases? Is it immoral to have fences around our private property?

Speaking of which, if walls are immoral, and the idea of protecting our southern border and the citizens in that area from invaders and illegal criminal trespassers, why did the police order activist Laura Loomer and the three self-described illegal aliens with her off the property of Nancy Pelosi’s California multi-million dollar estate and mansion?

Why wasn’t Loomer permitted to keep the tent she set up on Pelosi’s property there? Why wasn’t she allowed to bring food under the tent, live there for a few months, spread trash and defecate in the shrubbery and around the house? Then after being on Pelosi’s property a few months, why wouldn’t Loomer and company be entitled to start a taco-stand and construct a “tiny house” structure?

If fences are immoral, why does the Kennedy family have fencing and walls around their Hyannis Port compound? If fencing is immoral, why does Maxine “the mouth that won’t close” Waters have one around her multi-million dollar California estate? If walls are immoral, why does Barack Obama have a wall around his multi-million dollar Washington, D.C., compound?

If Pelosi and her loathsome band of moribund hags and vipers believe that illegal invaders have the right to flood across our southern border at will, why did she and the entire Democratic Congress pass H.R. 347, better known as the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, a bill Obama signed into law grinning from ear to ear?

The “Trespass Bill,” as it was commonly known, states that knowingly entering a restricted area that is under the jurisdiction of Secret Service protection will result in the violator’s arrest. Under the Trespass Bill, a person can end up in the custody of law enforcement for entering an area he they didn’t realize was Secret Service protected and “engages in disorderly or disruptive conduct or impede[s] or disrupt[s] the orderly conduct of Government business of official functions.”

This bill was as draconian as they come. Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund told International Business Times that the bill as signed into law at the time, made “it easier to prosecute under ‘knowingly,’ instead of both knowingly and willfully, which is an issue because someone could knowingly enter a restricted but not necessarily realize they are committing a crime.” Verheyden-Hilliard also said, “The bill has always been a bad law.”

It’s interesting that Pelosi and her congressional comrades would pass laws to protect themselves from our constitutional right to assemble and protest; and yet they’re demonstrably derelict in protecting America from the carnage and very real threat posed by illegal invaders.

This is proof, as if any more were needed, that Pelosi and company value denying legal U.S. citizenry our First Amendment rights. However, they’ll go to great lengths to keep our borders open sieves for drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists, gang members and the soilure of humanity to pass through.

Pelosi Democrats are wiling to give an $11 billion aid package to Central America and Mexico, but are unwilling to fund building the wall for $5.7 billion.

Trump made a good-faith offer Saturday, and Pelosi-led Democrats rejected the offer before the president started his speech. Pelosi-led Democrats then enjoyed the fake news networks parade a collage liberal mouthpieces before the cameras to attack President Trump.

Pelosi’s intractability is not about the wall; it is about Democrats’ refusal to do anything that will reflect positively on President Trump. That said, Pelosi is playing a dangerous game with a blue-collar billionaire who built a global empire fighting much more cunning and capable persons than she.

Pelosi fails to realize that there are fissures starting to appear in her support. Someone will have to be blamed for Pelosi’s hebephrenic idiocy; and at the end of the day the primal instinct of politicians is survival defined by re-election. As it becomes more apparent that Pelosi’s objection to reducing illegal invaders, helping to combat human trafficking, drug smuggling, gangs and crimes against women and children is based upon her stuttering confusion, the more expendable she becomes.

If rational Democrats give their support to the national security of the American people, it will be possible for Democrats to say they accomplished something for the next two years. Because as it stands now, the only thing they are accomplishing is setting the stage for future defeats on a gargantuan scale in 2020.

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