Pushing us toward war

By WND Staff

Dear Mr. Farah,

Wray should be replaced.

The whole wall deal boils down to this: Wray had his little hissy fit, and forced Trump to back down, at the same time humiliating Trump with the arrest of Stone in a most bizarre manner. He basically emasculated Trump, while Nancy and Chuckie danced and the press showed it all over the place. Reason?

Not what you think: it was to anger Trump enough to war in Venezuela, which is also kind of what they tried to do in Syria, as McCain baited Obama with the red line. The only thing I respect about Obama is that he took McCain’s crap and didn’t fold. Syrian false flags were in the form of sarin.

President Trump tried to out them when he announced withdrawal from Syria, which would have triggered another false flag event; however, the conspirators were aware of the scrutiny, and didn’t perform on command. It really didn’t matter if it was Syria or Afghanistan or Venezuela; it was war, and they wanted one there, or in Korea or wherever they could manufacture one. Look at how the Kuwait story was developed, with a lying young bimbo lying about bayonetted Kuwaiti babies!

I supported all these wars, until I discovered that they – and 9/11, a Northwoods event – were all manufactured by the CIA. And now the WaPo is running the same gag using their lying rag of choice – that they own – the Washington Post. Look how much they’re pushing that line!

The wall isn’t a big deal for Chuckie and Nancy. They want us to go to war, which would give Trump a bump, but a dip as well. Timing. War is their intention, for different reasons than others (probably) but it serves their masters’ interests, too.

The FBI and CIA both need to be dismantled, restructured and fixed so they can do the vital work of Intelligence and Law Enforcement. Right now, they are the enemies of the American people – soon to get us into another useless, capricious, expensive waste of lives and money. No, no and hell no!

Jim McFarland

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