Blood moon seen through church steeple

Blood moon seen through church steeple

A popular rabbi in Israel says a coming blood moon eclipse is a message for Jews to come home.

Blood moons long have been associated with significant events for the nation of Israel, and the coming event is known as a “super blood wolf moon eclipse” because it will be a total lunar eclipse for parts of North America at a time when the full moon is at the closet point of its orbit to the Earth.

It also is the first such event in January.

In 2014 and 2015, the world witnessed four consecutive total eclipses of the moon, known as a tetrad.

Now according to a report from Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz in Breaking Israel News, Rabbi Yekutial Fish said, “When nature does something unusual, like an eclipse, we should certainly pay heed.”

He continued, “Nonetheless, the lunar eclipse over North America bears a message for the U.S. and the Jews. It clearly is telling the Jews that they need to come to Israel.

“When an emissary is on a mission from the king, he is under the protection of the king,” Fish said. “When a Jew does the will of God, he is protected. The Jews were sent into exile, dispersed throughout the world, to spread the light of Torah. As soon as that mission is over, they are no longer under the protection of the king.

“According to the prophets, the end of days will signal the end of the kingdom of Edom.”

Berkowitz explained that refers to the nation descended from biblical Jacob’s twin brother, Esau. Edom eventually evolved into the Roman Empire.

“This is the period we are entering now,” Fish told BIN. “There will be great tragedies that will bring down governments and great human suffering. Only by doing God’s will can tragedies be avoided or lessened.

“Anyone who is not Jewish can do God’s will wherever he is. For the Jews who are still in the exile, the only way they can avoid tragedy is by coming to Israel.”

WND reported Pastor Mark Biltz, the man who discovered that such events historically have been accompanied by significant developments for the nation of Israel, is keeping an eye on the next lunar eclipse.

Biltz bases his celestial observations on Genesis 1:14, which says the heavenly bodies serve “as signs to mark sacred times.” He explains his findings in his book “Blood Moons,” which draws from earlier works, “God’s Day Timer” and “The Feasts of the Lord.”

He noted that the 2014 and 2015 blood moons fell on Jewish holidays.

The eclipse this month, he said, “just so happens” to be on the date of President Trump’s inauguration two years ago.

“Trump was born on the night of June 14, 1946, within 15 minutes of a total lunar eclipse and 700 days before the state of Israel was established. When he was sworn in as president on January 20, 2017, he was 70-years-old, seven months and seven days. Also, very significantly, the Super Blood Moon also falls on the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat. Even more significant is the fact that there was another Blood Moon on Tu B’Shevat last year! Last year the blood moon was seen over the Middle East and this year will be seen over the U.S.”

Biltz said that from a biblical standpoint, having two blood moons on the same biblical holiday two years in a row is very significant.

“The Bible says that everything is to be established by two or three witnesses,” he said. “As a matter of fact the Bible says in Psalms 89 that God’s covenant with Israel and King David is forever and the sun and the moon are to be His faithful witnesses in heaven confirming that.”

It is the first of three super moons in 2019. The others are on Feb. 19 and March 21.

Biltz’ newest book, “Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times,” will be released March 5.



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