Carmel Sapphire (courtesy Shefa Yamim)

Carmel Sapphire (courtesy Shefa Yamim)

A very rare gem has been discovered in Israel, and it is sparking discussion about end times events.

At Breaking Israel News, features writer Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz revealed that the International Mineralogical Association now has recognized a new, distinct mineral, called carmeltazite.

The details are that it is found in sapphires found in the Carmel Mountains that also contain titanium, aluminum and zirconium.

It will be marketed by Shefa Yamim, the company that discovered it, under the name Carmel Sapphire.

“We are delighted that our Carmel Sapphire has been recognized as a host to many rare minerals,” company chief Avi Taub said. “In today’s world where the prices of gems are determined predominantly by their rarity, the Carmel Sapphire is a unique discovery because it has not been found anywhere else in the world.”

The mineral has only previously been located in rocks originating in space, the company said. Forbes explained, “Carmeltazite … is a complex zirconium-aluminum-titanium-oxide, with traces of scandium, calcium, and magnesium to be found in its crystalline structure. Curiously, the chemical formula resembles allendeite, a mineral identified for the first time in the Allende meteorite, a rocky meteorite that fell February 8, 1969, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.”

Taub said he immediately linked the find to the Temple.

“When I think of precious stones in Israel, my thoughts go straight to the Temple and the vestments of the High Priest,” he told Berkowitz. “No one thought we would find stones here in Israel but the Temple and the Kohanic vestments required many precious stones. Nowhere does the Bible say that these stones were brought from outside. It was clear the stones from the Temple were from here.”

In the Old Testament, the breastplate used by the high priest contained a series of precious and semi-precious stones with the name of one of the tribes of Israel engraved on each stone.

Taub explained he started his exploration as a branch of his family’s diamond polishing business on the advice of a rabbi who has since died.

“Everyone thinks that Israel is a desert with no natural resources,” Taub said. “The government discovered that under the ground we have vast reserves of natural gas. Now we found precious stones that no other country has. When it comes to the land of Israel, we have much to thank [God] for.”

He also said, BIN reported, the timing is “significant.”

“These stones could have been discovered ten years ago, or 100,” he emphasized. “The Rebbe told us to begin when he did because he knew the Moshiach (Messiah) was coming and that was when these stones were to be brought to light.”

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