Raw video shows CNN, FBI colluded to film Stone arrest

By Around the Web

(Gateway Pundit) Raw video posted to Twitter by CNN freelance cameraman Gilbert De La Rosa of the FBI arrest of Roger Stone early Friday morning at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, shows De La Rosa was parked right in front of Stone’s house waiting for the FBI to show up and that when they arrived the FBI ignored him as he got out of his vehicle to film, instead of treating him as a potentially armed hostile actor or innocent bystander at a heavily armed surprise pre-dawn raid.

That the FBI completely ignored De La Rosa as he got out of his vehicle when they arrived indicates FBI agents were told in advance a CNN cameraman and reporter would be on scene waiting to film the pre-dawn raid and arrest of Stone. Those instructions would have come from higher ups showing that CNN, the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office colluded to put CNN front and center for the raid.

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