In the ongoing battle over America’s immigration policies, there are sanctuary cities, counties, even states where local authorities actively try to protect illegal immigrants from federal law enforcement. On  the other side, border-security advocates insist everyone would be safer if our nation’s borders were secure.

Now come some new statistics that should cause alarm on both sides.

The Washington Examiner reports the FBI has barred “a record number of cases of illegal immigrants from buying guns.”

The details come from an analysis of background checks.

The FBI report lists a total of 7,836,000 cases of illegal or unlawful aliens being reported.

Second in ranking were those with adjudicated mental-health issues, 5.6 million, then there were those convicted of certain crimes, 3.8 million. Prohibited by their state offenses were 1.2 million and several other categories brought lesser numbers.

One category, fugitives from justice, included 1,919 cases.

Other categories included those who have renounced their citizenship, those addicted to controlled substances, those dishonorably discharged from the military and those under a restraining order.

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