Last Friday morning, for one of the few times in years, I got up late, at 7:30 am Eastern, as I was a bit tired after traveling from the West Coast to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to prep one of my clients who had been subpoenaed before Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury.

On Thursday, as I appeared at the federal courthouse and took the elevator to the fourth floor, which is where the grand jury room is located, I was escorted into a small waiting room. Shortly after I situated myself, one of the special counsel’s primary prosecutors, Aaron Zelinsky, appeared with a special FBI agent. Reaching out to shake hands, Zelinsky looked tense if not intense. Staring darkly into my eyes, he quickly pulled away as he and the agent escorted my client into the grand jury room to greet 22 jurors and Andrew Goldstein, a fellow prosecutor.

My client’s grand jury interrogation was short, less than an hour – much shorter than the tens of hours Jerry Corsi had been forced to endure. My client testified truthfully, and he told me that Zelinsky, who had done the questioning, looked satisfied with his openness and candor. Lawyers are not permitted into federal grand jury rooms. Instead they must wait outside, and if their client needs legal advice, he or she is free to exit and consult with them.

The indictment of Roger Stone, which I learned about when I awoke at 7:30 a.m. the following day, indeed served to confirm that Jerry, like my client Thursday, had been open and honest with the special counsel. Nothing in this indictment in any way accuses him of any falsehood much less illegality, and given Mueller and his prosecutors’ demonstrated proclivity to use speaking indictments to communicate with the public, this is more than noteworthy. (A copy of the Stone indictment can be found at It thus would appear that my brave client stands a good chance of not being indicted. If it were the case, the special counsel certainly could have handed down two grand jury indictments the same day.

The special counsel hopefully also knows by now that Jerry Corsi and I will not roll over! In the past weeks, we have filed criminal complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice and an ethics complaint with the District of Columbia Office of Disciplinary Counsel, as well as a civil lawsuit, for gross prosecutorial abuse and other illegalities. In this regard, Mueller’s team had threatened Jerry with being put away for the rest of his life – he is 72 years old – if he would not sign a plea agreement finding him guilty of one count of perjury, but with no recommended prison time. The reason for this so-called “sweetheart” plea deal? Jerry was made to believe and he understood that he, in exchange, would have to lie under oath in order to perhaps implicate the president in wrongdoing. This my principled client could not accept. As a religious man, Jerry would also not perjure himself before God.

Nor would he be tarred as a felon who lied, particularly since he is a New York Times best-selling author. To plead guilty to lying would destroy his credibility and thus his career and livelihood. How could readers then believe what he writes?

And despite Jerry having been cheaply branded by the left as a “birther” and conservative “conspiracy theorist” – I too have been unfairly attacked in this regard – he has never been proven wrong in his hard-hitting investigative journalism. Even with regard to Obama’s birth certificate, he was right on the money. It has been confirmed by forensic experts to be totally fraudulent, regardless of where the former president was actually born.

It would therefore appear that Jerry may be out of the woods. However, neither he nor I can take anything for granted and thus must continue to pursue our complaints and lawsuits against Mueller.

As for Roger Stone, the indictment as drafted by Mueller, which is based on alleged lying under oath, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, is simple but also foreboding. In it, Roger is alleged to have perjured himself to the House Intelligence Committee, when questioned about documents such as emails and texts he had in his possession, but swore he did not and knew nothing about. Then there are Roger’s written communications with another subpoenaed material witness, Randy Credico, where Stone is alleged to have coached him to lie under oath to that same committee, should Credico decide to appear . And, the indictment also alleges that Roger then threatened the physical safety of Credico and his dog if he did not play ball.

Just last Saturday, in one of his patented tweets, President Trump correctly observed that others on the left who have lied under oath to Congress, such as James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan, have skated prosecution by the “Deep State” Justice Department. This selective prosecution is not just outrageous, but demonstrative of the total breakdown of our system of justice and par for the course in Washington, D.C., these days.

But selective prosecution or not, Roger will not easily be let off the hook, particularly since his case was somehow assigned to a highly politicized Obama-appointed federal judge, Amy Berman Jackson, the same jurist who presides over the prosecution of Stone’s former partner Paul Manafort. In that case she wasted no time in slapping an unconstitutional gag order on Manafort, refused to grant him bail and at one point even threw the former Trump campaign manager in solitary confinement.

Couple this with Stone’s widely broadcast “Nixonian antics” and “serial boasts” following his indictment, including his unfounded and ill thought out defamatory attacks on Corsi, which will come to an abrupt end this week when he is likely gagged by Judge Jackson – his future does not look good. If his case goes to trial – and Roger has vowed to fight – the jury of his peers, thanks to demographics in the District of Columbia, will be highly skewed to the left, pro-Democrat and anti-Trump; short of a presidential pardon, Roger will likely be convicted and then sentenced to several years by Judge Jackson.

Jerry does not wish Roger any harm – and it is not true, as some reporters published Monday, that he is “happy to testify” against Stone – but Roger by allegedly not telling the truth under oath and threatening Credico, all of which Mueller will seek to prove with existing documentary evidence and congressional transcripts, has apparently dug himself a perilous ditch, however unfairly it may be that he as a pro-Trump partisan is prosecuted while leftist and Democratic partisans walk off scot-free. The good news is, however, that a reading of the Stone indictment effectively exonerates my client Dr. Jerome Corsi.

This chapter of the Mueller investigation should thus be titled: “A Tale of Two Targets.”

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Klayman and Corsi in court.

Klayman and Corsi in court.

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