It’s a great paradox that in an age of almost endless information, so few of us spend any appreciable time thinking about what that vast storehouse of data might actually mean.

The process of thinking requires a foundation of knowledge about how things work: life, the universe, and everything. That foundation was laid by parents and family members. Building on that scaffolding was the job of education. The most basic building blocks were added during compulsory public schooling, from kindergarten through high school.

This modicum of factual knowledge was combined with the beginning tools of thought, such as compare and contrast. How is what I’m looking at now like something I have been taught? How is it different from what I already know? Thought is one of the beginning building blocks of what it means to be human.

The fact that society allocated 12 years for this process (in the first stage) should tell us something about the gargantuan size of this task. The more promising high school graduates were encouraged to go to college or university. Those graduates were encouraged to obtain advanced degrees in a field of speciality.

But something disastrous happened in America on the way to the cap-and-gown show. Those of a political persuasion decided that the educational process could be hijacked for political ends and worker-bee employee slots. That result has had as much to do with real education as communist re-education camps in China. Regurgitating the politically correct answer has nothing to do with education. Our educational establishment is now a massive re-education camp.

The “wrong” thoughts are the thoughts you have arrived at by thinking for yourself. The “correct” thoughts are the regurgitatable drivel implanted deep inside your memory during your years in the re-education camp known as public education.

Flat-earth theories have fallen by the wayside, but from their ashes have arisen computer simulations of global warming, cooling, or whatever temperature fetish is in favor among the climate re-educators running the camps during the time you “studied” the subject. Computer-simulated climate modeling tools are now considered more accurate than looking out the window at the weather. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, well, just remember, the models are still right, and what we see outside is only an anomaly.

An entire Robin Hood style industry has grown up around these models: Take money from the developed world, funnel it to the underdeveloped world, and skim the vast majority of the money into the pockets of dictators, “climate” scientists, politicians and the billionaires who think the world belongs to them. This kind of fraud upon the mind would not have been possible when schools taught thinking. Outright theft would have been recognized for what it is. Today, with schools as re-education camps and political zealots running the process, such deception is the only possible outcome.

The global climate change industry is only one of the evils that have arisen with the death of thought in our schools. A fraction of a percentage point in a naturally occurring atmospheric gas is going to end the world? Really? Who would have thought?! Perhaps no one did.

In an electronic sea of “facts” provided by the internet, thought has drowned. What remains is people seizing upon bits of floating debris from what was once our culture, and proclaiming that they have found the truth. Once the culture is gone, we’ll see how long that piece of debris they are clinging to supports them.

Illegal immigration is good? Really? How about after your children are raped or murdered by an illegal? How about after your parents are killed by a drunk driver who should never have been inside the country? How about if your wages are depressed?

Sexual indoctrination at earlier and earlier ages is good? Does that mean our inner city kids are more likely to know who their fathers are? The more genders the merrier? They can all use the same bathroom? Who pays the medical bills for this bait-and-switch operation?

The Electoral College is evil? Is that why we don’t teach history anymore? Impeachment is just another electoral tool for the failed party to regain power? Really? I thought the Electoral College was a compromise arrived at to insure the candidate elected president would have broad support across a wide range of states.

Maybe we should think about some of these things as we enter a new year, instead of screaming our position on unsocial media, when we don’t really have a position we have thought through. Raw data, unrefined by an educated mind, is one of the building blocks of tyranny. And in honor of internet shopping, if you like tyranny, you might also like autocracy, despotism, dictatorship, totalitarianism, monocracy, absolutism, authoritarianism, fascism, oppression and terrorism.

Maybe those of the boomer generation, which are probably the last Americans actually taught to think during their education, should think about changing the way we teach thought in today’s schools. Maybe we should organize over the first half of this year, and present our local school board with neatly signed and tabulated recall petitions.

Maybe all parents should think about returning thought to the schools, before the thought-deprived graduates of the system move onto the voting booth and provide us with a re-education-camp-inspired socialist economy that divides up an ever-shrinking economic pie among the loudest voices. Maybe removing the zealots and restoring thought to our educational system will relieve a host of national problems, and give the younger generation back their minds and their futures.

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