THE END? Google-Facebook duopoly tipping point

By Joseph Farah

Is this the end of independent news?

A new report says Google-Facebook is on the verge of commanding 80 percent of the digital ad market with only Amazon, Microsoft, Oath, Twitter and Snap still climbing.

The rest of the marketplace is down 11 percent and still dropping, says a State of Digital Media White Paper.

This could well spell the end of independent news, not to mention the biggest setback for free speech in American history. And if you expect 2020 to see a free and fair presidential election, think again.

If you think the internet is under the total control of Big Tech now, it’s going to get much worse this year as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube (owned by Google) get bigger and bigger.

With this blatantly left-leaning cartel totally dominating the digital advertising market with boycotts and blacklisting, it’s more bad news for free speech and the free press.

However, that’s not the end of the story, according to the report. Over the next five years, this cabal’s growth is projected to grow in double digits – “making life miserable for everyone else, particularly publishers,” warns the report.

Other highlights, or lowlights, of the report, depending on your point of view:

  • Digital will encompass 50 percent of all ad spending in 2022.
  • 80 percent of all digital ad money spent will go to the duopoly in the next five years.
  • The rest of the digital market will decline by 11 percent this year.

If this is not the time for government to reign in this cartel to maintain freedom of speech and the press in the most important communications market in the world, I don’t know when it might be.

If you value the First Amendment, it’s time to defend it with your direct financial contributions to the endangered species of independent publishers like

This is a national emergency. It cannot be ignored any longer without grave consequences to free speech, the free press, freedom of religion and free-and-fair elections.

It’s not just WND in their cross hairs. It’s Breitbart, the Daily Caller and all the rest.

WND has been forcibly downsized by these leftists by 80 percent since January 2017. There’s a direct correlation between the percentage of Google-Facebook advertising revenue control and the decline in advertising revenue at WND in the same time period.

There’s nowhere else for WND to turn other than to direct financial contributions. We’re just never going to get a fair shake from these leftist bullies.

But it’s even worse than that. They don’t just control the advertising. They also control the dissemination of content – and they do it like they were apparatchiks of the Democratic National Committee or the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fan club.

They also have more data on the American public than the National Security Agency – and they will use it to ensure that Donald Trump is defeated in the 2020 election if they can’t get him impeached before then.

Do you think I am exaggerating?

I’m really not. Everything I am telling you here is true – maybe even understated. I encourage you to see a documentary on the threat posed by Google and Facebook to freedom and privacy and fair elections in the U.S. It’s called “The Creepy Line,” and it will confirm everything I have told you here. The American people need to see this movie before it’s too late.

In the meantime, please support WND with your financial contributions and your prayers.

This is life and death for WND – and it’s truly a national emergency for our country.

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