The party of line breakers and gate crashers

By Jane Chastain

As children, we don’t know much about politics, but we understand the need for rules, laws if you will, and discipline for those who break them. Without rules in school there can be no order, no classes, no learning.

Children also understand the need for lines. You line up for lunch, for treats, for sports equipment, etc. It is first come; first served. As adults we line up to get into concerts, sporting events and amusement parks; to board trains, buses and airplanes. At the airport we have lines to go through security. No one likes a line breaker. We didn’t like them as children, and we don’t tolerate them as adults.

So how did the Democratic Party, the party that built its reputation on fairness, become the party of line breakers at our southern border? How do they get away with defending a practice that is despised by virtually everyone?

They do it by deflecting the issue. They see no need for walls or barriers at the border, but they recognize the need for these structures at our stadiums, concert venues and airports.

Democrats say they support our police officers, but they support sanctuary cities that makes it harder, if not impossible, for those officers to do their jobs, often with deadly results. They say they support Border Patrol agents, but they refuse to listen to the overwhelming majority who say they need more walls and barriers along our southern border. Instead, they talk about the poor mother who is just trying to provide a better life for her children or the poor person just trying to escape violence.

Frankly, I’ve never seen a poll reflecting the views of those who played by the rules and waited in line to come here on illegal immigration, but I’ve met plenty of these naturalized citizens. They are among the strongest supporters of securing the border.

Yes, they recognize that most of these line breakers simply want a better life. That’s why they were willing to wait in line and play by our rules. Yes, they understand the need to escape lawlessness and they don’t want their adopted country to be turned into a lawless nation.

What would happen if we let line breakers rush through airport security and demand to board a plane? Who in their right might would say, “Just go ahead”?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be willing to hop on that plane with a bunch of gate crashers. Sure, most of those people likely just want to get to their desired destination, but what about those gate crashers who boarded with the intent of doing harm? Isn’t that why we have the TSA? Isn’t that why we have the Border Patrol, border check points and immigration agents?

And what if we just let those gate crashers board the plane, even without tickets? Maybe some of those gate crashers couldn’t afford tickets? Some could afford to pay but want to save their money for other things. Is it fair to make all those gate crashers pay for those tickets?

Then again, if we let the gate crashers board the plane, that would mean that many of those with tickets would not get a seat. Is that fair?

If you don’t support gate crashers at the airport, why would you support gate crashers at the border?

Democrats like to tell us we need to beef up security at our checkpoints because that’s where most criminals and drugs are caught. Of course it is. The reasons are simple: With miles of our southern border unprotected, most of the drugs and gatecrashers in this no man’s land are never detected.

However, what we do know about that area is alarming.

The Rio Grande Valley is one of the areas where Border Patrol agents say they need more barriers to do their job effectively. No Central American caravans have shown up there as they have in other parts of the country. Nevertheless, agents there apprehend hundreds of these gate crashers daily, or the equivalent of a caravan a week. Many of those apprehended are from countries other than the Americas.

Nevertheless, Democrats won’t negotiate a solution to the border crisis unless Trump reopens the government. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told him even if he reopens the government she will not give him any money for walls or barriers. So what’s the point?

Trump has offered to embrace all practical solutions. Democrats want to ignore one of the key elements the Border Patrol says is needed.

Without walls or barriers, we will continue to have line breakers and the Democrats will continue to support them.

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