Regarding the column “Harvard study proves risks of ‘early schooling,'” a catchier title would be “Too soon to sit.”

In spite of good, sincere, dedicated, caring teachers, public schools have been subtly used since John Dewey and Bloom’s Taxonomy to get the child away from the father and the father’s authority and under that of the state. Under Common Core every student will be sitting in front of a computer tied to a national data base monitored and, if necessary, medicated to produce state/federal-sanctioned skills, behaviors and values useful to the state and corporations, but that run counter to those of parents. China’s social value score comes to mind.

Already prayer is verboten in our schools, and unelected FLOTUS like Michelle Obama until recently have been allowed to set the menu. Don’t use the wrong personal pronoun, and don’t you dare mention creation or design! This is not educating free people, but training compliant worker bees.

Goal 17 of “45 communist goals” comes to mind. Fabian socialists and progressives have similar utopian goals. “Technocracy” by Patrick Woods shows how Common Core also fits in with the ideology of the elitists and control fanatics who see technology as the new god that will “save” mankind. Many of them think it will save mother earth and engineer super-humans. Have you heard of the human potential movement and trans-humanism? The technocrats are surely fellow travelers with the other utopians because they too see man as his own god. Apparently, so do the leftist members of the not-so-Supreme Court who “find” things that are not in the Constitution and attempt to force their personal ideologies on us.

“The Revolution Is!,” the DVDs “Agenda: Grinding America Down” and “Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit” by the Bowers are excellent exposés. The DVD “Indoctrination,” produced by Colin Gunn, gives the history of education in the USA and shows how it has been subverted by liberals, progressives and communists. Common Core is their latest victory. And though long, “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto is well worth your time. For more on Common Core, search for Charlotte Iserbyt and Anita Hoge. In “The Abolition of Man,” C. S. Lewis writes of a time when self-appointed shapers of mankind will change it irrevocably based on their nihilistic whims.

From the back cover of the 2014 must read “Crimes of the Educators” by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman:

“This timely book thoroughly exposes the attempts by progressive utopians to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a socialist fantasy. They have spent a hundred years gradually dumbing down the American people by departing from the traditional phonics method of teaching reading and replacing it with a look-say, sight method that has led to a dismal decline in literacy among Americans. The utopians are purposely crippling America’s future in order to fundamentally transform the nation, its values and its system of government. Multiculturalism, poorly trained teachers, fuzzy math, graphic sex education, and moral relativism have turned public schools into a criminal enterprise that has led to a rise in dyslexia and a steep decline in literacy; an increase in ADD/ADHD and the unnecessary drugging of millions of schoolchildren; a war against biblical religion and morality; a preoccupation with death and suicide; a decline in the power of reasoning and logic; falling worldwide ranking in math, science and reading; an unbelievable increase in school violence, shootings and massacres; and misuse of billions of dollars for phony reforms. Deception has been the socialist educator’s winning strategy, but they have fooled the public for far too long. It is now up to parents and the taxpayers to put an end to this blatant corruption and criminality and save the future of American’s children.”

And yes, teaching look-say, whole word reading has been shown by neuroscientists and the practical experience of countless thousands to cause dyslexia. Look say reading activates the right hemisphere of the brain by training it to see whole words as pictures. Ours is an alphabetic system of coded information that requires the left hemisphere to decode it as letters and sounds. Training the brain to use the right hemisphere when it needs to use the left causes confusion, frustration and often dyslexia. I was failing first grade with the Dick and Jane look-say readers, until I was taught phonics in remedial reading class.

Daniel Harms

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