Truth is trampled in the streets

By WND Staff

Dear Mr. Farah,

I see all of this too in America and so do other people I know … our country is so out of control. Truth is trampled in the streets. Wrong is right and right is wrong.

1. Is it going to take another Civil War to pound these people into the ground?

2. I was totally confused when I saw the House of Representatives flip to Democrat. Do people not see what President Trump has done?

With all that said, it appears that our country is totally divided – Socialism/Lawlessness vs. Capitalism/Rule of Law.

Most of the Democrat Party should be IN JAIL!

Last Saturday I met a “Democrat preacher” and I told him the two do not go together. Boy, did he get mad but I DO NOT CARE. I told him he was a hypocrite and a viper!

Ken Langdon

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