Why the border is EVERYTHING

By Joseph Farah

Why is President Trump pushing this border issue so hard now?

Because it’s EVERYTHING.

Let’s face it. If this government shutdown fails to result in victory for securing the border now, the Democrats’ vision for a borderless, defenseless, sovereignty-less, ICE-less, liberty-less America is our future.

You’ve heard this question asked: Why are the Democrats so adamantly opposed to erecting barriers between the U.S.-Mexico border when they have supported it in the past?

It’s not just because they want to deny President Trump a victory. It’s because this Democratic Party has changed. It really is an open-borders party now. It’s not that the party sees no distinction between illegal aliens and citizens. Rather it considers the non-citizens, the foreigners, the illegals, to be more valued constituents.

I know it sounds insane. And it is. But it’s their new reality. It’s what they want. It’s the new goal of the Democratic Party, like it or not.

How else who you explain the party’s virtual war on ICE – from presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ comparison of America’s border enforcement agents with the KKK to more cities and an entire state banning law-enforcement agencies from cooperating with ICE.

It’s not that the party wasn’t moving in this direction inevitably and relentlessly for a long time; it’s just that the political wind is nearing hurricane status.

So, what it comes down to for the rest of is pretty simple: Do we want to live in a nation governed by the rule of law and the will of the people – the people meaning its citizens?

It once seemed like an easy question for all Americans to answer. Today, not so much.

Democrats don’t love America any more. They see America as a deeply flawed, oppressive society that needs major overhauling. They see open immigration as the way to achieve it. I’m not just talking about the party leaders who have long been soft on illegal immigration as a key to permanent empowerment. I’m talking about the grass-roots Democratic voters.

That’s why it’s now or never for Donald Trump’s wall.

If you want to save America, we need the wall. We need to change the political dynamic in America today that is making open borders inevitable, despite the disaster it caused in Europe in recent years.

I believe the wall is the key to bringing Americans back to their senses. Either that, or the Democrats will descend into total tribalism, causing their crazy coalition to split apart. After all, what holds them together other than their opposition to Trump?

It’s not a matter of $5.7 billion in the big scheme of things. And there’s no way to open government up without getting it – either from a compromise or from a presidential declaration of a national emergency.

Haven’t we seen national emergencies declared by presidents for lesser reasons? Aren’t we losing more Americans to death from illegal drugs smuggled over the border every year than the total number of deaths in the Vietnam War? That alone seems like an emergency to me.

In fact, there are 31 national emergencies currently in effect right now. What’s one more?

Take a look at the list for yourself, and tell me if the border crisis isn’t itself a national emergency.

The choice then is clear: We cannot give up. We cannot cave. We cannot lose this battle.

Either we win over enough sane Democrats in the House and Senate to do the right thing, or President Trump declares a national emergency.

It’s time to start saving lives and saving our country.

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