Mitt Romney’s opening salvo directed at President Trump was a pathetic attempt to impeach the accomplishments and agenda of the president. The fact that Romney attacked President Trump reveals more about the oleaginous mouse of a person he is than it hurt the president.

Romney’s remarks were morally opprobrious and ophidian, but they were perfectly consistent with his character or lack of same.

Romney was truthful, however, when he stated: “To a great extent, a presidency shapes the public character of the country.”

Having presidents shape the public character of the country is exactly what Clinton, Bush and Obama did. During the Clinton years, the public character was awash with the idea that oral sex was OK because it wasn’t really sex. The acceptance of sex with interns and subordinates became avant-garde and acceptable. Said behavior became the symbol of positional status amongst senior management. George W. Bush showed Americans how to bury one’s head in the sand as they were being attacked and lied about from every corner of the political and journalistic world. Bush continued the globalization of America his father had started. He was first, last and always pro-amnesty, and politically we suffer from that yet today. And of course there was good ol’ “golf-bag Baa-wee” Obama. He shaped a public image of men in women’s bathrooms, abortion and grotesque, reprobate sexual deviancy.

Romney blamed President Trump for our country being divided, but apparently the positioning of Romney’s head is shielding his eyes from reality. Every time we elect a Republican as president, Democrats and RINOs like Romney foment a divisive political climate. Democrats foment the toxicity because they’re pernicious cultural Marxists who define equipoise as “political totalitarianism.” RINO elites like Romney foment discord because they fear losing their seat at the feeding trough of corruption. That said, both groups are Erebusic calumniators.

The country was divided under Presidents Nixon, Reagan and both Bush 41 and 43. However, contrary to the faux news and polls, the country isn’t as divided under President Trump as the marplots scheming to destroy him would have voters believe.

Trump’s accomplishments are epic, and for Romney to deny that fact shows the lengths his kind are willing to go in their attempt to destroy what the president has accomplished in the face of unprecedented opposition.

We expect Democrats to behave consistent with their dogma of subjugative governance. But when it comes to Republicans, we expect love for America, confidence in the people of America, an attitude of America First and a commitment to the will of the American people. We expect Democrats to treat the Constitution like something found in a bus station bathroom, but we expect Republicans, based on what have traditionally been their claims, to honor and enforce the Constitution.

Romney and the other parasitic, country-club, genteel elites are just as committed to undermining the will of We the People as Democrats and for the same reasons.

We the People elected Donald Trump president of the United States in an election that combined intrigue, subterfuge and deception on scale that surpassed same in “Macbeth.”

Romney and his kind are engaged in what Justice Clarence Thomas called a “high-tech lynching” during his confirmation hearing. This is America, not some mosquito- and disease-infested Third World country where we witness a succession of political and/or military coups until the last man standing becomes leader.

We expect Romney and so-called Republicans to honor the will of the people and support the man we elected president. It is an egregious display of disrespect for We the People and for the American election process as a whole for Rove/Romney Republicans to spit in our faces.

Romney condemns our choice for president because the freshman senator is a bitter leftist pretending to be a conservative Republican, because he couldn’t get elected as a Democrat.

It is Romney and his kind who do not represent We the People. Romney and his kind promise us everything they think we want to hear, but immediately upon taking office they betray us.

If Romney were concerned for Americans, he would have spent the past two years working in support of President Trump. Even Bill Clinton was astute enough to take credit for Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America.” In so doing, America and her people prospered, and Clinton got the credit.

But the Romneys of America look down upon ordinary people. Romney may have fallen into a pile of money, but President Trump built a global business empire from the ground up. President Trump has put Americans back to work and is on the verge of bringing about an accord with North Korea that no one dreamed possible. China, Canada, Mexico, et al. are agreeing to fair trade policies. President Trump’s doctrine is changing the world and destroying the camarilla of globalists who were carving America into pieces for foreign consumption.

Romney doesn’t hate and condemn President Trump because he is failing; Romney and his elitist cabal hate and condemn President Trump because he is doing what he promised, and in so doing he is crippling the globalists agenda.

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