12 years is about right

By WND Staff

Dear Mr. Farah:

Regarding your column “12 years till world ends? AOC cites Bible” – well, to tell the truth, AOC (better known as RPOS to the rest of us) is actually right in her conclusion, but not for the loony reasons she states.

If you are as believing in the Bible as you say you are, and actually took your constant repeating of the prayer “If My People …” for what it really meant, then you have to acknowledge that His People did pray to Him and He did answer their prayers. To wit: most real people in this country know that America is on the wrong course, and has been since the Democrats ascended to power with the election of the Great Liar, FDR. Since, and including Kennedy, the path to destruction has accelerated, gaining significant momentum in the wrong direction with the elections of Bill Clinton and Obama. The real people of this country prayed their hearts out to Yahweh during the reign of the illegitimate presidency of Obama. Yahweh answered our prayers, and gave us Donald Trump, with all his flaws and foibles, to thwart Satan.

If we are lucky, and continue to pray to Yahweh, Mr. Trump will be president for eight years, which brings us to 2024. Just who do you see with the strength to stand up to Satan and his lackeys in the Democrat party in 2024? The environment doesn’t scare me one bit. The collection of Yahweh-hating socialists in the Democrat party most certainly do. Considering what the Democrats support – as well as their hatred for the white race – white males, Western culture, Western heritage, and what Western culture has achieved, it’s pretty obvious that the democrats are the party of Satan.

So, RPOS is correct that we have about 12 years left, but it won’t be the physical environment that does us in. It will be the toxic political environment created by the Democrats and idiots such as RPOS that not only so divide the country that nothing will work, but also encourages our most ardent enemies (Russia, China, Iran) to believe we are so weakened and divided that they can attack us with impunity. The Democrats and the neo-cons have so weakened our country that, regardless of our technology and military, we no longer have the will to fight and we are led by spoiled brat children (just as is stated in prophecy). Our military is spread out all over the world in places that they can be cut off and wiped out because they won’t be able to get out, and the supply lines are far too long. There won’t be enough good people left to defend the country. Donald Trump knows this and is trying to bring our best and brightest home. Please take note of the people that are opposing this: all the people that hate America as a Constitutional Republic (globalists, internationalists, neocons, Democrats, etc.).

If you were wondering what those “stars falling from heaven” that John talked about in Revelations are, they’re hydrogen bombs. John, as well as the other prophets, was shown the future. They could only describe what they saw in terms of what they were familiar with in their time. The hydrogen bomb on detonation is basically a miniature star, just like the sun: greater heat, greater brightness. The “stars” John saw falling from “heaven” were ballistic missiles doing airburst detonations.

So, 12 years is about right.

(NOT Pastor) Mike Martin

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