Apple to pay reward to boy who found snooping bug?

By Around the Web

(CNBC) — Grant Thompson, the 14-year-old who found Apple’s FaceTime flaw, may get a bug bounty for his discovery. Bug bounties are the monetary rewards tech companies give people who find glitches in their products.

“I kind of found this one on accident, which is pretty surprising to me that like Apple didn’t get this and a 14-year-old kid found it by accident,” Thompson told CNBC in a Monday interview while sitting next to his mother. “A few of my friends know it and think it’s pretty cool.”

Grant’s mother, Michele Thompson, said she repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to contact Apple to report what her son found on Jan. 19 while putting together a group FaceTime with friends playing Fornite. She said such attempts included emails, tweets and Facebook posts.

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