Big Tech purges photo of Warren ‘American Indian’ document

By WND Staff

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (Wikimedia Commons)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (Wikimedia Commons)

Instagram deleted a post of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Texas Bar registration form on which she stated she was an “American Indian,” calling the post “harassment or bullying.”

GOP national spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said Instagram, Facebook’s photo-sharing website, listed a number of its community guidelines when it informed her it had deleted her post, Breitbart News reported.

The guidelines state the social media site removes content that “targets private individuals to degrade or shame them.”

Further it removes “content with personal information shared to harass or blackmail people.”

However, personal information, such as Warren’s home address when she signed the document in 1986, had been redacted.

WND reported Warren wrote in her own hand on a 1986 registration for the Texas Bar that her race was “American Indian.” That apparently conflicts with her claims that she never identified herself as Native American for professional purposes.

She said, for example, in an address to the National Congress of American Indians one year ago:  “I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead. I never used it to advance my career.”

Breitbart reported Instagram also informed the GOP official that it has a “zero tolerance policy when it comes to posts or threats to post intimate images of others.”

However, Boston Globe associate editor and editorial board member Joan Vennocchi found the Texas Bar revelation to be highly significant.

It means Warren, considered a front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, doesn’t have a chance to beat President Trump and should drop out of the race.

“When you’re calling out a president as racist, you can’t make excuses for one of your own,” Vennocchi wrote Wednesday.

See the deleted post:

See the 1986 registration:


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