Bleeding heart libs leave beating hearts to bleed

By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

Over the centuries, man has been creatively brutal in developing ways to execute his fellow man. One of the most horrific – “quartering” – effectively ripped the body apart. Each of the victim’s limbs were tied to horses which, on command, pulled in four different directions, severing limbs from torso.

During its bloody reign, ISIS updated the method, using vehicles instead. Tragically, a victim’s death was not instantaneous. What remained – a bleeding torso with a beating heart and a head still attached–was left to die a slow, agonizing death.

While such brutal execution by dismemberment is gruesome, it is regularly practiced in America today. To be legal, the only restriction, until now, was the victim had to be a fetus: its execution called “abortion.”

Like a pendulum, U.S. abortion laws have swung from left to right and, now, left again.

The first U.S. abortion law appeared in Connecticut in 1821. By century’s end, all existing states had similar laws. When Roe v. Wade was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, abortion in 30 states was totally illegal; in 16 states legal in some instances including rape, incest and health issues; and only in four states totally legal.

Roe v. Wade held a woman’s legal abortion rights were protected under privacy rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Pro-lifers took some solace knowing that right had limitations.

Recognizing such women’s rights competed with states’ rights to protect the “potentiality of human life,” the court devised a balancing test linked to the trimester framework. In the first trimester, the right was exclusively the mother’s; in the second, a state could regulate abortion only to protect the mother’s health; in the third, since a fetus was capable of “viability” – survival on its own outside the womb – state laws restricting or prohibiting abortion, unless necessary to preserve the mother’s health, were permissible.

A 1992 case narrowly upholding Roe v. Wade changed the trimester test due to medical advancements improving fetus viability. It applied an “undue burden” standard – i.e., whether abortion laws placed such a burden on the mother.

Last month, New York passed a law allowing abortions during the third trimester, even legalizing it when a mother is in labor. While limited to situations involving the mother’s “health,” a flaw in the law exists. “Health” is undefined – arguably extending beyond mere physical health to mental, emotional or even financial health.

It was disgusting to see New York’s Democratic legislators give themselves a standing ovation when the law passed. Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted, “Today I signed the #ReproductiveHealthAct – codifying Roe v. Wade into state law and protecting women’s reproductive rights no matter what the federal government does. This is a victory for all New Yorkers.”

It is not a victory for those denied the right ever to even become New Yorkers – a state where one in every 10 U.S. abortions occurs.

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s effort also to extend abortion rights gained national attention after Gov. Ralph Northam acknowledged it legalizes infanticide. Northam had his motivation. He was a “hired gun,” his campaign having received $2 million from Planned Parenthood. Fortunately, the legislation failed to pass.

Pro-abortionists promote the myth that a fetus is not human, refusing to recognize a human face until birth. They would have us believe that extracting a fetus is no different than extracting a tooth. Pro-lifers argue human life begins at conception. The heart and brain development of the fetus lends support to this argument.

The heartbeat of a fetus is heard within 9-10 weeks into the pregnancy. The brain grows remarkably fast – all three parts formed by the end of the third week of gestation. Three full months into a pregnancy, the womb contains a fully formed human. By the beginning of the second trimester, all major brain structures are functioning. ABC News reported babies in the womb are even able to recognize their mother’s voice at this stage.

Intrauterine videos support a recent study showing fetuses as young as 16 weeks can hear music, responding by moving their mouths and tongues, as if singing. The study found 87 percent of fetuses responded directly to intravaginal sounds.

Interestingly, organs in a dying adult whose heart is still beating can be extracted for transplant only if the brain is dead; yet abortions are performed despite a fully functional brain and heart.

The unborn may even have perception capabilities. A sonogram of a mother’s womb revealed a fraternal twin, dying of a heart issue, holding the hand of his sister, as if knowing his time with her was limited.

As with any human, a child in the womb “has unique DNA, unique blood type, and every other quality that makes us distinctly human.”

Asians may be more attuned in recognizing a baby’s “human” development. They consider a newborn child a year-old at birth.

Most Americans (81 percent) believe third-trimester abortions should be highly restricted. One wonders how Cuomo – a Catholic – can justify otherwise. One wonders too how Democrats like Nancy Pelosi can claim building a border wall is immoral but third-trimester abortions are not. As one critic noted, “abortion maximalists” have claimed “the moral low ground.”

In response to Northam’s infanticide support, Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., submitted the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act to protect all life births. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., prevented a unanimous vote, effectively derailing the rushed bill.

Sadly, when Trump mentioned during his State of the Union speech he would seek a ban against late-term abortions, most Democrats did not stand and applaud. First thing the following morning, Sen Kamala Harris, D-Calif., tweeted, “Politicians should not tell women what to do with their bodies.” She turns a blind eye to the fact, by her own actions in getting pregnant, a woman creates another voter in the abortion decision-making process who, unable to speak, needs to have a politician do so. (Apparently, Harris had no problem years earlier with then San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown telling her what to do with her body during their affair.) While Democrats seek to protect DACA children as “Dreamers,” they deny unborn children the right to even dream.

Because of the improved viability of a fetus today, lifting restrictions effectively returns us to the days of quartering.

This comparison is justified by the testimonial of Dr. Paul Jarrett. In the 1970s, he performed legalized abortions as a young physician. He explained why he abruptly stopped doing so:

“My 23rd abortion changed my mind about doing abortions forever. The water broke but then nothing more would come out. When I withdrew the curette, I saw that it was plugged up with the leg of the baby which had been torn off. I then changed techniques and used ring forceps to dismember the 13 or 14-week size baby. Inside the remains of the rib cage, I found a tiny, beating heart. I was finally able to remove the head and look squarely into the face of a human being – a human being that I had just killed.”

As the cries of millions of aborted babies in America will never be heard, a movement called “Abortion is Normal,” encourages those who have had abortions to shout it out as if declaring it as a badge of honor.

Perhaps the only good news for today’s aborted is they are spared living in a sick world.

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