Buckets of babies

By Barbara Simpson

The legalizing of late term abortions in New York State garnered headlines across the country – stirring up the emotions of both the pro-choice and anti-abortion crowds.

It was interesting to watch the arguments of the pro-choicers who tried as best they could to steer clear of the dilemma of what to do when a child survives an abortion. It’s called a “botched abortion” – in other words, the abortion didn’t kill the fetus (or baby, or whatever they choose to call it).

That’s a part of abortion that has been mostly ignored because we have been largely brainwashed to believe that what is in the mother is not “alive.”

Tell that to physicians who, for decades, have considered a pregnancy as treating TWO patients – the mother and the growing child within her.

Tell that to the mother who sees the sonogram of her growing child with a heartbeat.

Tell that to the physicians who perform surgeries on babies in the womb, correcting “birth defects” so the child can be born healthy. They can have blood transfusions, heart surgery, laparoscopic corrective spina bifida surgery, and much more. Those babies are patients. How can we say they don’t deserve our protection, right up until, and after, the moment of birth?

How can we say that? Easily, if the pro-choice people with the support of the majority of the Democrat Party have their way. The dehumanization of unborn humans is not new, and there have been numerous bills in varied legislatures (including Congress) that have attempted to protect born-alive infants. It has been a constant battle.

Recall that when Barack Obama was in the Illinois state Senate, he opposed a version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. It was clear he favored infanticide – the killing of a newborn human child.

It should be no surprise that the man Obama chose to be his senior advisor on Science and Technology, John Holdren, fully supported population control by almost any governmentally controlled means, including infanticide and compulsory abortions.

Then, there’s Princeton Bioethics Professor Peter Singer, who has been more than clear about his position concerning issues like this. He has supported the right of the mother to decide – after the birth of her child, whether it’s normal or disabled – whether she wants the child to live. If she does not, it would be (according to him) morally OK to kill the newborn.

This is a man who also believes that it is morally OK to take the lives of elderly people who are determined to have reached the end of their useful life. He said that would also apply to his own mother.

Keep in mind, this is a man who teaches ethics in a major university, where students pay thousands of dollars a year to attend.

Is it any wonder we are a morally confused society?

Since Roe v. Wade, it’s estimated more than 50 million babies have been aborted in the United States. Worldwide, there are millions of others.

It’s not known how many of the babies are dead before they’re removed from the mother and how many are delivered alive and left to die. But we do know it happens.

The film “Gosnell,” about the notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania, shows graphically what really goes on in such a place – baby parts stored in jars, unclean facilities, death. If a child was born alive, it was left to die.

When finally Gosnell was arrested, he was tried and convicted for the first degree murder of three born-alive babies, and the manslaughter of one patient. He’s serving three life sentences.

In addition to the horror of his crimes, the trial also brought out clearly the fact that there is a huge market in this country and elsewhere for aborted baby parts.

Read that slowly: Aborted. Baby. Parts.

There are lots of parties involved in this, but Planned Parenthood is a major player and is, in fact, the largest provider in the country of abortions. Their annual revenue is $1.5 billion and they get some $500 million from the U.S. government. It’s doesn’t hurt that they are major donors to political candidates and campaigns, mainly Democratic.

The other aspect of their income is the sale of the pieces of aborted babies – limbs, skin, organs, blood, stem cells, and any other parts of the bodies.

I saw an interview with an abortionist as he described the removal of the baby from the mother, in parts, which he piled on the cart, carefully counting what was taken out to be certain nothing was left inside the mother (which could harm her).

What happens to all these parts? They are sold. According to one Congressional report, Advanced Bioscience Resources paid $240 to Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest for “four fetuses” and then resold specimens from them for $6,825.

Do the parents of these children know this is happening? It’s hard to say. Some are asked if they would donate the baby to science for research – which sounds so nice. They aren’t told of the financial advantages of such “research.”

David Daleiden, head of the Center for Medical Progress, and his team did interviews with people from Planned Parenthood and the people they deal with on the sale of “baby parts.”

When he released the videos, everything hit the fan. Planned Parenthood is trying to destroy him, and in fact, the Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra, is prosecuting a 15-felony case against him.

What did he do? He exposed Planned Parenthood’s corruption; and that organization is doing all it can to prevent the public from seeing any more of Daleiden’s videos.

As a result of the videos and investigation, criminal referrals against Planned Parenthood have been made to the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice. The organization is under federal criminal investigation. But Daleiden is convinced their main aim is to destroy him and his organization, to “bleed me dry and distract the public from the irreplaceable work of the Center for Medical Progress.”

As if all this weren’t enough, it was revealed last week the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has a program which uses “humanized mice” in its program to develop HIV therapies.

Humanized mice? Yes, mice developed with human immune systems from aborted body parts.

Wow! Another market for dead babies.

I can just see a gruesome cartoon: the back door of Planned Parenthood with baskets of dead babies waiting to be picked up and taken to the labs for re-sale.

God help us – but sometimes, I wonder why He should.

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