I’m so sick of today’s media – the people who call themselves journalists and reporters, yet who seem to have forgotten or ignored all the traditional news standards about fair and honest reporting.

Think back a couple of weeks when just about every media outlet – traditional, internet and social media – had wall-to-wall coverage of the “racial incident” at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, involving an American Indian, black activists and a group of white Catholic schoolboys, a number of whom were wearing MAGA hats.

Anyone looking at the media overkill coverage of the incident came away with the conclusion that the boys were the bad guys who used their “white privilege” to take advantage of the minorities – the blacks and the Indians.

What did you think when you first heard about the incident?

It was the most amazing pile-on I’d ever seen. It eventually included both liberal and conservative pundits and, of course, the Hollywood types who found this another opportunity to polish their self-righteous crowns.

The photograph, which was seen everywhere, was of high school sophomore Nicholas Sandmann, who stood still with a mild smile on his face as the “Native American Elder,” 64-year-old Nathan Phillips, was beating a tom-tom and chanting close to Nick’s face. Behind Nick were his classmates who were waiting for a bus to pick them up after the Annual March for Life.

The picture was from the early video of the incident, and it was clear Nick said nothing and did nothing, but just stood there smiling and taking the deliberate harassment from Phillips and the others.

I don’t know where this young man got his self-control, but I admire him for it.

What was omitted from the “news reporting” was the group of militant black supremacists, the Black Hebrew Israelites (who?) who were shouting obscenities at the boys, in addition to what Phillips was doing.

The early video went viral and the whole thing got out of control. Nick was accused of being aggressive and “disrespectful” of the “elder.”

Phillips was reported to have said he was a Vietnam veteran, but that was shown later not to be accurate. He had been in the military, but never was in Vietnam.

He also was shown to be an activist; in fact, the morning after the incident with Nick, Phillips and others attempted to disrupt Mass at the National Cathedral in Washington.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the boys’ school, Covington Catholic High School, got flack from their school and from John Stowe, the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington, who criticized and vilified the kids for having gone to a pro-life event and wearing MAGA hats. He said he was “ashamed” of them.

Sorry, Bishop. Any thinking Catholic is ashamed of you for being so condescending and for letting your politics get in the way of common sense.

He wasn’t the only religious to dump on the kids. Bishop Roger Foys of Covington jumped on the anti-bandwagon right after the incident, condemning the students. The next day, without giving an inch, he released a letter saying there would be an independent investigation.

There was, and after for investigators completed 240 man-hours of investigation, it completely exonerated the boys of wrongdoing.

Then last Friday, he released a letter of apology, telling parents he had felt “pressured by all sides” to speak out immediately. His letter said that was premature and he apologized to “anyone who has been offended in any way.”

Somehow, to me, that seems too little too late. The damage has been done; not only to the students – who did nothing wrong – but to the Catholic hierarchy who showed they are no different than the media maniacs who jumped on the kids because they dislike President Trump.

The letter from the Bishop barely made any news coverage – just a short article in my local paper – but the real news is being ignored. The lawyers for the Covington Catholic Families have done their own homework on this case, and they’re planning massive lawsuits.

L. Lin Wood, an Atlanta-based attorney, says the “lies and false accusations” against Sandmann and other students by Nathan Phillips are “well documented,” and he confirmed to PJMedia that Phillips will be sued.

But apparently he won’t be the only on the legal agenda. Robert Barnes, who represents the students who were smeared by the media, has warned that anyone who jumped on the smear bandwagon will be sued if they don’t correct the record about what they said.

Not only were lies told about the students, but following the incident, there were threats of violence as well as death threats against the school and individual families. Clearly, the situation got out of control, and there seemed to be no way to stop it. The focus was put on the MAGA hat that Nick and some students were wearing.

To the wild accusers, the hat was enough for all the hate-stops to be pulled out against the students.

That political hatred of a president would be used by the media as a weapon against young students is to me sufficient evidence of their collective guilt.

I hope the kids and parents sue every single one of these detractors; and if there is justice, they will win in court and those media wrong-doers will pay – and pay –and pay. …

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