Anti-Semitic graffiti posted in the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield, Australia (courtesy The Age)

Anti-Semitic graffiti posted in the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield, Australia (courtesy The Age)

A trip on the wrong bus has left three Jewish teenagers traumatized after they were verbally pummeled with anti-Semitic remarks including “Gas the Jews!”

The boys, one of whom is 15 and his two 14-year-old friends, were reportedly harassed by a large group of teens in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, last Wednesday as they were trying to get home.

According to the Age newspaper, “A girl in the group asked ‘What would you do if I grabbed [the skull cap] off your head?’,” one of the victims, Elimelech, recalled.

He told the Age he had politely explained that the skull cap, called a kippah, “represented his Jewish heritage and beliefs, but that only seemed to encourage their antisemitic remarks.”

Elimelech added similar anti-Semitic remarks have been uttered as he walks in his own neighborhood.

“I’ve had situations where people have yelled out derogatory comments from a car going past on Saturday as we walk to Sabbath [services],” he said. “People should be aware of the Holocaust and how damaging these comments are to someone who is a descendant of people who got killed and murdered.”

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich indicated the problem has become rampant.

“It has been a very difficult few days for the parents and their children, and this incident has left deep psychological scars on the victims,” Abramovich told the paper.

“All Victorians have a right to travel on our public transport without having to endure and suffer physical harassment, hate-fueled threats and religious abuse. Sadly, we are going down a path whereby anyone who is identifiably Jewish will not feel safe stepping onto a bus or a train.”

On Jan. 28, a rabbi in Caulfield, Australia, took video of himself being verbally abused, as a motorist told him

“Would you like me to get out and show you what Hitler did? You should have died in Auschwitz.”

The rabbi, who requested anonymity out of fear, said the man also called him a “dirty Jew,” and said that “Hitler should have killed you all.”

The assailant also calls the rabbi a “f*****g selfish cu** of a Jew” while their vehicles were stopped at a traffic light.

The Jerusalem Post reported: “Antisemitism in Australia has seen a sharp rise over the last year. The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has reported an unprecedented 60 percent rise in antisemitic incidents across Australia in 2018, compared to 2017.”

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