Heinous government action

By WND Staff

I haven’t heard anyone say what the real change in the narrative is. Abortion has been aligned with saying that no one can tell a woman what to do with her own body. Never mind that a woman’s first choice is to take her knickers off. Second is to not use birth control. Third is to abort and so on.

Now, however, with the passing of new abortion bills allowing a full-term abortion, it is no longer a woman deciding what to do with her own body. Government allows a woman and doctors the right to determine what to do with another person’s body. Once the baby is in the birth canal, it is no longer an abortion; it is a birth.

With the logic of killing a viable baby, what’s to prevent government from killing other beings, no matter their age, if deemed to be not viable for whatever reason? I think people are missing this point and the gravity of these heinous decisions.


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