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House Dems blame GOP for 'gutted' tax refunds

One of the hot topics on Twitter Tuesday was math.

As in numbers, addition, subtraction and the like.

It’s because the Democratic-controlled House Ways and Means Commission took to Twitter to blame the GOP for the “gutted” tax refunds that American taxpayers are getting this year.

Apparently not realizing that tax refunds simply represent a no-interest loan to the government for all of last year.

The Dems’ diatribe:

Said the committee: “The #GOP sold their #taxbill as a win for American families – now, those same families are facing gutted tax refunds and the prospect of OWING the government their hard-earned money.”

A blogger for the Twitter-monitoring newssite Twitchy explained how the system works.

“Duh … the GOP tax cuts meant people weren’t giving the federal government as big of an interest-free loan than they otherwise would have, so yes, their tax refunds are smaller.

Twitter user Chris Martin wondered if the Democrats know how taxes work.

“The bill cut their taxes, increasing their take home pay, meaning the government took less money from them (leading to a smaller refund).”

Another Twitter user, Dan, wrote, “‘Gutted tax returns?’ You mean smaller returns because you couldn’t take as much of our money as you originally wanted to and thus we paid in less for taxes?”

Ralph tried explaining: “Ummmm … the refunds are smaller because less money was withheld … this isn’t rocket science? A tax refund is NOT A BONUS from the government … it is a repayment of what the government over-collected from you throughout the year.”

DannyJ: “Did you completely forget how math works? If you pay less taxes, your refund is going to be less. How is that hard to understand?”

Bailey, perhaps, had it figured out: “Is this a parody account?” And jilly.ga added, “Where did the real Ways and Means Committee go?”

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., made a claim similar to the committee’s and got a four Pinocchios rating for it.

Fritz Morton took a step back and looked at the overall picture: “Even if the tweet wasn’t complete BS, does anyone else find it ironic that democrats controlling this committee are decrying the concept of ‘owing the government their hard-earned money.’ When it’s democrats that are constantly championing raising taxes.”

John Anderson unleashed the sarcasm: “OMG!! You mean taxpayers aren’t being forced into making larger interest free loads to the U.S. government? Oh, the horror! Seriously, if your end-of-year tax balance is a refund, you loaned the government money at 0% interest. It’s not hard people.”