Is blackface always bigotry?

By Around the Web

(BARBWIRE) – The state of Virginia is in trouble. Recently it was discovered that Governor Ralph Northam’s 1984 yearbook reveals him in blackface or as a Klan member. The yearbook photo was of a man in blackface and another man in a Klan costume. Northam was not sure which one he was; then he denied that he was even in the photo but he did confess that he had imitated Michael Jackson in blackface.


Everyone is aghast at such actions but few gagged and gasped for breath at the governor’s defense of killing newborn babies; so it seems blackface is anathema but baby killing is acceptable. President Trump was right when he declared: “All children, born and unborn, are made in the image of God.”

It got worse for the Democrat administration when the state’s Lt. Governor Justin E. Fairfax was accused of a 2004 sexual assault by a college professor. Then it was revealed that the Washington Post (champions of the double standard) had the story a year ago but refused to publish it. You may remember that they were not reticent to run an unsubstantiated story about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. But then, he is a Republican.

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