Just who is ‘the far-right’?

By Around the Web

(American Spectator) — Are you a “far-right extremist”? There’s a simple test to find out. If you doubt that homophobic Trump supporters are prowling the streets of Chicago looking to beat up gay TV stars, you’re a “far-right extremist,” according to Alex Henderson of AlterNet. Henderson declared that “some extremists on the far right” — including syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin — are responsible for suspicions that actor Jussie Smollett was not attacked by Republicans in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Only an “extremist” could doubt Smollett’s story, according to Henderson, although Chicago police have so far been unable to verify it. As Patrick Poole of PJMedia observed Thursday, “the ongoing investigation into the alleged hate crime… has raised more questions than it has answered.” While the area near where Smollett claims to have been attacked is “heavily monitored,” Poole noted, police who “have reviewed hundreds of hours of surveillance video” couldn’t find any that showed the alleged attack. But Patrick Poole is probably an “extremist” by Henderson’s standards, and maybe the Chicago cops are, too.

Getting labeled “far right” is astonishingly easy in the Trump era, when Democrats and their media allies would have us believe that the White House is occupied by the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and that the nearly 63 million Americans who elected him are “white nationalists” or “alt-right” or some other scary term.

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