Leaked schedule reveals Trump’s laziness

By Around the Web

(AlterNet) — When President Barack Obama was in office, Donald Trump used to attack him repeatedly and baselessly for supposedly not working hard enough for the American people. Since he’s become president, Trump’s Twitter habits have revealed his own excessive consumption of cable news, his golf schedule displayed an ample appetite for leisure, and reports found that his staff schedules large bulks of “executive time” — during which he has no formal duties — into his days.

And on Sunday, Axios reported on three months worth of his leaked schedules showing that 60 percent of his routine is taken up with so-called “executive time,” revealing a particularly work-averse and structure-resistant president. He’s not necessarily doing nothing during this time — he can have impromptu meetings and there are some events kept off even these schedules — but it shows a lack of formality to the president’s day that is deeply troubling, given the number of responsibilities he bears. You simply cannot get a handle on everything a president needs to know when flying by the seat of your pants.

Axios also reported: “The difference between Trump and his recent predecessors is eye-popping.”

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