Rush Limbaugh on "Fox News Sunday"

Rush Limbaugh on “Fox News Sunday”

While President Trump has declared a national emergency to stop the flood of illegal aliens into America, there is an even “bigger emergency,” according to talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“I think the real national emergency is this coup,” Limbaugh said Tuesday on his broadcast.

“I think the real national emergency is this attempt – and it is ongoing – it is an effort to overthrow the 2016 duly elected president. … This is so big an emergency, it ought to be taking precedence over everything.”

“This is a bigger emergency than the wall – it’s tough – a bigger emergency than the invasion of illegal aliens at the southern border. But this is a national emergency. This is huge.”

Limbaugh’s comments came in the wake of Sunday night’s appearance on CBS’ “60 Minutes” program by Andrew McCabe, the former acting director of the FBI who took on that position after President Trump fired James Comey as the bureau’s chief.

Andrew McCabe appearing CBS' "60 Minutes"

Andrew McCabe appearing CBS’ “60 Minutes”

Limbaugh was echoing a common theme he has discussed numerous times, focusing on powers at the U.S. Justice Department and elsewhere in Washington looking to oust the president from office.

“These people are gonna go all in because they’ve got the media all-in with them. But it just offends my sensibilities to no end that this guy who, I stand by it, needs to be in jail. These people need to be investigated and prosecuted and sent to jail, and not just McCabe, but many of these people. Instead, they’re profiting from this as they continue the charade, the palace coup, if you will. And [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller is continuing to do the same thing.”

“These people deserve a moral and legal reckoning. They are conspirators of the first order. There hasn’t been just collusion here. There hasn’t been a conspiracy, a conspiracy put together by unelected elite, arrogant snobs to force from office a duly elected president of the United States ’cause they don’t like his hair and they don’t like his Queens accent and they don’t like him period. They don’t like anything about him. He is a personal affront. You have no better definition of what an elite, effete snob is than this bunch of people inside the Washington establishment.”

As WND reported last week, Limbaugh speculated the entire investigation into so-called collusion with Russia was created by Democrats who feared Trump would make good on the chants of his supporters to jail them if he got elected.

Explained Limbaugh: “You remember all through the campaign at the Trump rallies, all those people shouting, ‘Lock her up. Lock her up,’ and even Trump was alluding to it now and then. I actually think that all of these people from Hillary [Clinton] to McCabe to [lead FBI investigator Peter] Strzok … all these people, Comey, I think they actually took all that to heart. I think they were deathly afraid that a bunch of them could be locked up if it were ever discovered what they had done.”

“And this whole Russian collusion probe was all about keeping Trump from locking all of them up. Nobody will ever persuade me that all the many things this was, it was in part a cover-up and a diversion, distraction from what these people had been doing literally since 2016.”

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