“Macabre” baby body parts experiments in the United States have been confirmed, according to the Sun newspaper of London.

They involve “grafting dead fetus parts onto mice which are then used to test drugs.”

The Sun Online reported it has viewed documents that outline procedures such as cutting out glands and livers of unborn children and fusing them onto lab rodents.

WND reported this week the American Center for Law and Justice is seeking documents from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease on its “humanized mice” program.

“First, the creation of mice with human immune systems is horrific enough, but that these mice are being created using the body parts of innocent babies is unthinkable,” the organization said.

The group cited reports from just months ago detailing “the incredibly disturbing experimentation currently being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH): Using the body parts of aborted babies, the NIH is creating ‘humanized mice’ for ‘HIV therapeutics development.'”

The Sun reported abortion clinics have been supplying researchers in the United States with terminated fetuses.

Parts of the unborn children “are then fused with rodents as part of a bid to stamp out diseases and save millions of people.”

Calling the experimentation “macabre,” the Sun said it has seen “shocking undercover footage” which is it not reproducing because “it is too distressing.”

“Gosnell” film producer Phelim McAleer has explained in an interview that “aborted babies bodies are a very valuable commodity in today’s America.”

“Research institutions, elite universities, medical centers pay a lot of money for baby parts,” he said.

The Sun report said the apparent aim of the experimentation is to force rodents to develop immune systems similar to humans “so they can develop treatments for disease such as AIDS and cancer.”

“The controversial use of body parts is being spearheaded by the National Institutes of Health, which is part of the American government which is ploughing $98 million (£75m) of taxpayers’ money into using aborted babies in the name of science,” the Sun reported.

NIH director Francis Collins said it’s all OK.

“There is strong evidence that scientific benefits come from fetal tissue research, [which] can be done with an ethical framework,” he told Congress recently.

The issue of the government’s use of unborn baby body parts previously arose when HHS canceled a contract between the Food and Drug Administration and Advanced Bioscience Resources, a body parts provider that has been referred for criminal investigation.

Now, ACLJ says it wants “to help HHS leadership in their efforts by keeping the spotlight on these problems.”

The issue hit the headlines in 2015 when the Center for Medical Progress videoed abortion-industry executives negotiating for higher prices for the body parts of unborn children.

One famously said she wanted more money to buy a Lamborghini.

CMP, ACLJ said, “uncovered criminal, illegal, and unethical acts of numerous abortion providers and fetal tissue procurement companies.”

ACLJ represents Troy Newman, a former CMP board member who also is president of Operation Rescue, in lawsuits filed by abortion interests against CMP.

ACLJ seeks records from the NIH regarding “continued research and creation of mice with humanized immune systems.”

Just within the last few weeks, courts have ordered Planned Parenthood executives and branches to answer questions about their profits from the trade in the body parts of unborn babies.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the undercover videos were not deceptive.

Several of videos that contain more information about the National Abortion Federation have been suppressed by an abortion-linked judge.

Here are two of the videos released by CMP:



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