Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the arrest of Univision’s Jorge Ramos when the television anchor displayed video of children in the failed socialist nation eating from a garbage truck.

Ramos, a dual U.S.-Mexican citizen, and his team were detained for two hours at Miraflores palace Monday night in a dark room after all of their equipment was seized, Reuters reported

After arriving back at his Caracas hotel, which was surrounded by armed intelligence agents, Ramos told reporters that Maduro said he did not like the line of questioning.

Ramos asked Maduro about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, the torture of political prisoners and the humanitarian crisis. Millions of dollars of aid sent by the United States and other countries has been blocked from entering the country.

The U.S. and dozens of other countries recognize Maduro’s rival, Juan Guaido, as the country’s legitimate leader.

Commenting on the detention of Ramos and his crew, Venezuela’s information minister, Jorge Rodriguez, said on Twitter the government has welcomed hundreds of journalists but does put up with “cheap shows” conducted with the aid of the U.S. State Department.

Maduro has accused the U.S. of orchestrating a coup. Earlier Monday, the U.S. enacted new sanctions against Venezuela and called on allies to freeze assets of its state-owned oil company PDVSA, Reuters reported.

The new sanctions followed Venezuelan security forces’ deadly effort over the weekend to block supplies waiting at the border.

Four people died on the border with Brazil, and several hundred more at the borders with Colombia and Brazil

The U.N. Security Council was scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss Venezuela. The meeting was requested by Vice President Mike Pence after he met with the opposition leader, Guaido.

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