Mark Hamill of ‘Star Wars’ to do ‘abortion’ with ‘Jedi wand’?

By WND Staff

Mark Hamill as the jedi Luke Skywalker in "Star Wars"
Mark Hamill as the Jedi knight Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars”

Mark Hamill, the actor famous for his role as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars,” has just appeared on screen for a “bizarre” abortion promotion in which he clowns with an actress who tells him his “Jedi wand” can be used for an abortion.

“It’s going to be awesome,” insists “Daily Show” creator Lizz Winstead.

Hamill, who played the heroic Jedi knight armed with a destructive light saber in several episodes of the film saga, also boasts of writing something “obscene.”

The Libertarian Republican blog explained it happened when Hamill appeared Feb. 1 with Sarah Silverman, Winstead and others on “The Lady Parts Justice League.”

The report said the four-hour fundraiser was replete with “bizarre content, including abortion charades, an interview with abortionist Willie Parker, and political rants.”

Hamill spent most of the livestream time “off camera.”

The report said he apparently was working on two pieces of art to be auctioned off.

“Disney gave us a Last Jedi poster, and when we figure out who wins, I’ll personalize it. I’ll write something obscene and dirty if you want,” he stated.

Winstead jokingly said: “Mark Hamill is actually going to become an abortion provider. He’ll give you an abortion with a Jedi wand. It’s going to be awesome.”

But probably the biggest rant was from Silverman, who was triggered by a state law that bans stem cells from being used in various tests.

The restriction, she said, “would make her want to eat an aborted fetus.”

A disturbing video of part of the presentation was posted on the Libertarian Republic site.

The Precious Life blog said Silverman’s comments were “an all-time low.”

Among the show’s features was a “sh—y law charades,” during which Silverman quipped about her appetite for “mutilated baby parts.”

“The rabid, crazed so-called ‘feminist’ openly endorses abortions and has previously posted a picture on twitter with the caption ‘Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned,'” the blog post said.

Another butt of the jokes was a law requiring the cremation or burial of human remains following abortions.

“Silverman ghoulishly said of this law: ‘F—–g funerals for f—–g aborted fetuses? I would like to speak at those funerals. He lived the way he died. He died the way he lived. The size of a sesame seed with no discerning brain function.”

The blogger wrote: “Over … 60 million babies in America that have been torn limb from limb and poisoned to death through abortion since Roe v Wade. How disgusting, inhumane and vile that a televised fundraising event was used to make jokes about eating brutally dismembered baby parts.”

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