Mr. President, just do it!

By Around the Web

(TOWNHALL) – President Trump fights resolutely to solve the illegal immigration problem in this country. Unfortunately, he has political opposition that has little concern for real solutions to the issue as they mouth platitudes about their commitment to border security with “high tech devices.” Trump tried a government shutdown fruitlessly. He agreed to a short-term financing of the government telling us he could shut down the government again or declare a national emergency. President Trump, realize you are not going to get agreement to build a wall. Just Do It.

President Trump has focused on this issue more than any president since Ronald Reagan. Our national elected officials have used both sides of the issue as a political football (no pun here in light of Super Bowl Sunday) with little interest in a resolution. Democrats just demagogue this matter as if a surge of people coming to our border coached by either coyotes or sympathetic lawyers are of no matter. They tell us they are refugees of some form when they are principally just economic migrants. They tell us Trump is only trying to fulfill a campaign pledge as they create another wildly inaccurate mantra. No, border security is not just a campaign pledge, unless you are a supporter of open borders.

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