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Now calling a man 'a man' could be a crime


Big Tech companies already have adopted policies that punish employees who call a man a man, but now they’ve signed on to federal regulation that aims to put the entire nation under that standard.

“Twitter, Facebook, and Apple are among 107 major companies that have endorsed federal legislation that would make ‘misgendering’ a punishable offense. Named the ‘Equality Act,’ this bill is anything but,” wrote Emilie Kao, director of the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion & Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation.

“State and local bureaucrats have already used similar laws and policies to derail the careers of people like high school teacher Peter Vlaming and professor Nicholas Meriwether at Shawnee State University because they referred to students according to biology and not gender ideology.

“These laws give government control over our freedom to speak and think according to the truth. The Equality Act would extend that to all 50 states,” she said.

Kao noted that in his novel “1984,” George Orwell coined the phrase “Big Brother is watching” in reference to government, but now social media companies are enforcers as well.

Twitter, for example, punishes “misgendering” and “deadnaming.”

“When Twitter punishes users for misgendering and deadnaming, the company pressures us to speak untruths,” she said.

Kao cited Princeton University professor Robert George’s warning: “Ordinary authoritarians are content to forbid people from saying things they know or believe to be true. Totalitarians insist on forcing people to say things they know or believe to be untrue.”

She called the social media companies’ speech control a “toxic cocktail” that “is killing our freedom to speak the truth.”

Twitter demands that users address a woman who calls herself a man as “he,” she noted, calling it “a victory of feelings over facts.”

She cited cases in the United Kingdom, where the speech control is more advanced.

“In England, police have already used tweets to investigate and arrest citizens for referring to individuals according to their biology rather than transgender ideology. In two separate incidents, police responded to complaints against women from men who identify as women,” she said.

“Police arrested Kate Scottow at home in front of her children and then held her in a jail cell for seven hours after transgender activist Anthony Halliday (aka Stephanie Hayden) accused her of ‘misgendering’ him.”

WND reported Margaret Nelson, a 74-year-old retired journalist, faced a grilling from police in England for her Twitter messages on transgenderism. Nelson tweeted: “Gender’s fashionable nonsense. Sex is real. I’ve no reason to feel ashamed of stating the truth.”

Kao noted that Twitter even has classified as hateful simple questions about the transgender issue, such as, “What is the different between a man and a transwoman?”

“Identity politics is poisonous to freedom. It divides Americans up by ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc., and ranks us in a hierarchy based upon degrees of ‘victimization,'” she wrote.

“This is deeply out of step with America’s founding, which championed the legal equality of each citizen based on inalienable natural rights. It is also out of step with the way most Americans developed their identities – from their families, religious communities, and civic groups.”

Besides restrictions on statements of simple fact, such as a reference to a man as “he,” Google, Facebook, YouTube and the other tech giants have been trying to shut down independent news and opinion voices such as WND.

WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian recently explained, “As you already know, the progressive left in America – with its increasingly obvious totalitarian tendencies – already dominates most of our nation’s major institutions, from our colleges and universities, to the entertainment world and popular culture, to the ‘mainstream media’ and even much of government itself (think ‘deep state’).

“Well, now the same progressive left has succeeded, for the present at least, in taking over yet another gigantic institution: the Internet.”

He said independent news organizations such as WND have been “enduring a powerful, concerted, multi-pronged attack.”

The targets singled out by the left include operating revenues.

“Bear in mind that what enabled Google and Facebook to accomplish this – to essentially steal the life-sustaining advertising revenues from WND and other online news organizations – is their scandalous practice of invading your privacy and harvesting and monetizing your private, personal information. Totally unrepentant over this, Facebook is now going after your bank account,” Kupelian said.

He said it’s “now utterly indisputable that the Internet gatekeepers’ leftwing bias is fully baked into their algorithms, which is why – in an era when the Trump economy is expanding, with manufacturing finally returning to the U.S. and employment at record highs – only left-of-center stories claiming Trump is a racist (or Nazi, or Russian super-spy) tend to populate the Google or Facebook news feeds where tens of millions congregate to get their ‘news.'”

He said WND readers can fight back by supporting independent news.