Paris apartment block fire kills 10

By Around the Web

(Daily Mail) A woman in her 40s accused of causing a fire that tore through an apartment building in Paris, killing at least ten people including a baby, allegedly started the blaze after a fight with her firefighter neighbour about noise.

A 22-year-old fireman who lives on the second floor of the building in Rue Erlanger, in the upmarket 16th arrondissement, confirmed he had been quarrelling with the alleged arsonist about her habit of playing loud music late at night.

He said he had come face-to-face with the neighbour shortly before the fire, at which point she ‘acknowledged I was a firefighter, and that I liked the flames. Then I smelt burning, and realised she had set fire to the floor.’

The woman, who is alleged to have ‘psychiatric problems’, was arrested in the street below the building shortly after the blaze started in the early hours of Tuesday, while trying to set fire to a car and a wheely bin in the street outside the block.

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