A Muslim newcomer to Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., should resign because of her anti-Semitic agenda, charges the head of a pro-Israel group.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, the president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, has launched an online petition.

“Today I am emphatically calling on all PJTN ‘Watchmen’ and all concerned Americans to join ‘The Million Signature March,’ a national petition to demand the immediate resignation of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar,” she wrote.

“Time is urgent! When news broke last week of her shameful anti-Semitic messaging, President Trump called for her to resign from her congressional seat. Even her own Democrat colleagues echoed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tepid call for Omar to apologize.”

Omar was appointed to the Foreign Relations Committee, where she is “privy to the classified information,” Cardoza-Moore pointed out.

“Ilhan Omar must learn that concerned Americans such as you and me stand firmly with our Jewish brethren. We must stand in solidarity to affirm that she will not be allowed to use the heart of American democracy and freedom to defame God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land,” she said.

She cited Omar’s links to the Council on American Islamic Relations, which “was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist fundraising operation in the history of the U.S.” Omar helped raise funds for Islamic Relief USA, an affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide, and she plans to speak alongside Yousef Obdallah of the IRUSA, “who was widely criticized in 2017 after the Middle East Forum found he had expressed violently anti-Semitic ideas on his social media.”

Omar once wrote on Twitter: “Israel has hypnotized the world. May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Cardoza-Moore serves as special envoy to the United Nations for human rights and anti-Semitism on behalf of 44 million Christians.

Breaking Israel News reported Cardoza-Moore said Omar is “waging an unholy war against the Jewish people from Congress.”

“She is about to learn that the Jewish people don’t stand alone, millions of people of faith and conscience stand with the Jewish people. We will neither sleep nor slumber as she uses the heart of American democracy and freedom to defame God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land.”

She continued: “Ilhan Omar tricked her electorate into voting for her by lying about her support for Israel. She supports the destruction of the state of Israel and is a virulent anti-Semite with close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. As American patriots and people of faith, we cannot afford to standby as she continues to sow religious hatred. Proclaiming Justice to The Nations has launched a nationwide petition demanding her immediate resignation. We will continue to act as a firewall around the Jewish people, whenever Jew hatred arises, because their God is our God and their values are our values.”

Last week, Omar’s publicly displayed her animus against Israel by accusing a pro-Israel action committee of influencing Congress with donations, even though that organization doesn’t donate to political campaigns.

WND reported that in a 2013 interview, Omar complained that Americans say “al-Qaida” as though it’s something negative.

Last week, at a hearing of the House Foreign Relations Committee, she smeared a Jewish diplomat.

Omar attacked Elliott Abrams, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s special envoy on Venezuela.

“I don’t understand why members of this committee should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful,” she said, referencing controversial charges by the left wing in the 1980s that since have been refuted.

The freshman lawmaker refused to let Abrams respond, saying she was not asking a question.

In his opening statement, Abrams explained the U.S. was defending the Venezuelan National Assembly that elected Juan Guaido as its head. U.S. policy was to work with the Venezuelan people to restore democracy through a peaceful democratic transition. He noted the U.S. did not favor arming Maduro’s opponents.

Even House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told Omar to apologize for her anti-Semitic tweets.

And President Trump has called on her to resign or be barred from serving on congressional committees, saying, “Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress.”



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