Psychotherapist told he can’t interview transgenders who regret ‘transition’

By WND Staff

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A judge in the United Kingdom has ruled that a university can reject a psychotherapist’s proposal to research why so many of his transgender patients regretted their transitions.

James Caspian contested in court Bath Spa University’s decision to block a research proposal for his Master’s degree, reported Premier, a Christian radio network in the U.K.

Lawyer Paul Diamond said Caspian had appealed a lower court’s refusal to grant judicial review of the dispute. But Judge Michael Kent in High Court agreed with the ruling.

Premier reported Caspian has worked with transgender patients for eight years and “wanted to investigate why some came to regret their transition.”

However, university staff blocked him, claiming the issue was “ethically complex” and that activists could target the university.

Caspian said “people have been telling me they’ve been harmed.”

“I have had people who have re-transitioned contacting me and saying they were so traumatized by what they had been through as a result of gender reassignment and reversal, that they didn’t want to talk about it,” he said, according to Premier. “This made me realize how important this research is.

“Furthermore, after I have given transgender awareness trainings about the dangers of reassignment, people have come up to me and said: ‘I am glad you said that as I thought I could not say it or even think it.'”

He said the case might end up before the Court of Appeal.

According to the Telegraph of London, the university rejected the research plan because it “was scared of backlash from trans community.”

The paper said Judge Kent quashed the case because it was brought too late.

Caspian told the newspaper, “I think this sets a dangerous precedent in that research into sensitive areas will not be carried out because universities don’t want to take ownership.”

The report said that since 2017, when the case first got public attention, more than 50 individuals have approached Caspian after deciding to reverse their gender surgery.

Caspian said, according to the Telegraph, “I hear many doctors, psychiatrists and clinicians very worried about what is happening and will openly say in private they can’t say anything because they might get sacked.”

He said policy and law are being made “without due consideration of solid research and scientific reviewed evidence.”

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