Secret panel wants to examine presidents’ mental health

By Around the Web

(Washington Examiner) A secretive working group is devising a plan to create a medical panel that would screen the health of the president and candidates in the hopes of determining that President Trump is not fit for office or stopping another like him.

The public face of the five-person group, most of whom have decided to remain anonymous, is Dr. Bandy Lee, a Yale University psychiatrist who edited a controversial book of essays concluding Trump is dangerous to the country because he has shown he is mentally unfit.

“Based on the experience with the current president, we are calling for regular fitness for duty exams on presidential and vice presidential candidates, preferably as a requirement sometime before they take on the job, and even preferably before they run,” Lee said.

Lee’s group realizes that Congress won’t enact such a requirement, which would include annual exam every year after winning the election, and instead is looking to demand that candidates voluntary submit to being examined by the panel.

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