Candace Owens (screenshot)

Candace Owens (screenshot)

While House Democrats gave Michael Cohen a national forum to make charges against the president, two people who know him were pushing back against the claim that Trump is a racist.

Gateway Pundit blogger Christiana Laila reported Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens dropped a bombshell on Cohen.

She tweeted out a private Twitter message Michael Cohen sent her last summer and asked, “Should I go nuclear on Michael Cohen?”

Owens pointed out that she knew Cohen from years ago. She said he tried “to approach me last summer to help ‘change the narrative’ (also known as LIE) about the president.”

“Because I’m thinking I should,” she wrote. “This coward plotted this entire ‘racist’ lie to save himself.”

The report noted Cohen’s 36-month prison sentence for lying to Congress and “other charges related to his taxi medallion company.”

“In the meantime, congressional Democrats are allowing Michael Cohen, a convicted liar, to testify against Trump publicly whilst the president is in Vietnam for a very important meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un to continue denuclearization talks,” said Laila.

In addition, a blogger on the Twitter news-aggregating site Twitchy said that Lynne Patton, a former member of the Trump organization who is black, was at the Cohen hearing.

Patton tweeted this morning that she’s there “in support of @POTUS and in support of the truth, as Michael Cohen (knows that I know) it to be. And the truth is that it doesn’t take you 15 years to call someone a racist. Unless they’re not one.”

One Twitter user said it was highly unusual for someone from the administration to sit behind a member of Congress during such a hearing. Patton, currently a HUD official, “may do press to push back against testimony that Trump is racist,” the report said.

Patton tweeted that the charges, without actual physical evidence, remain “the word of one person over another with ZERO evidence. Period. One of whom is going to jail for perjury & fraud.”

“What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that I can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen ‘turned on’ the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period. She is the co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions – effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of ‘Making False Statements to a Financial Institution,’ to which Cohen ultimately pleaded guilty.”

She continued: “Most significantly, Mueller refused to recommend any leniency, nor lack of jail time (as he did for Michael Flynn), for Michael Cohen when he was sentenced to 3+ years in federal prison just last month. This would lead most legal experts to reasonably conclude that the special counsel deems information gleaned from Michael Cohen of little consequence or contribution.”

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