Starbucks, home to great coffee and … sex offenders?

By WND Staff


It was two years ago that an organization campaigning against the evils of pornography revealed it was working with Starbucks to install filters on its store WiFi systems.

Enough is Enough President Donna Rice Hughes said at the time that Starbucks should be praised for “taking steps to create a safe environment for its customers who use their WiFi.”

She described it as a “simple act of corporate responsibility.”

However, the plan hasn’t been implemented.

How does Rice know?

“Sex offender Jason Zeller was apprehended at an Altamonte Springs, Florida, Starbucks” just weeks ago, she said.

“Authorities were able to track him because he was using their free WiFi,” Rice said in a statement released by her organization.

“He was reported to have a laptop and five cell phones in his possession at the time of his arrest.”

“By not acting expeditiously on their commitment to filter public WiFi, Starbucks continues to attract convicted sex offenders like Jason Zeller to their stores where they attempt to fly under the radar from law enforcement, using free, public WiFi services to access illegal child porn and hard-core pornography,” Hughes said.

“Until businesses everywhere understand the critical need to filter graphic, obscene pornography and child sex abuse images from their public WiFi, they are opening the doors for a child to be victimized as predators can view or distribute these images on their premises.”

She said her organization continues to ask concerned citizens nationwide to keep pressure on the company through an online petition.

The company already has installed such security in its United Kingdom stores, she said.

“This isn’t rocket science,” Hughes continued. “These tools have existed for years, but they won’t work if they are not implemented. It’s time for Corporate America and institutions offering public WiFi to voluntarily offer safe and secure WiFi. It just makes good business sense.”

EIE had told Starbucks that having sex offenders in the company stores could be problematic.

“This nightmare has now become a reality,” said Hughes. “How many more sex offenders need to be arrested at Starbucks for them to keep their promise? This is not only an opportunity for Starbucks to act on their promise, but an invitation for all businesses to voluntarily filter their public WiFi so that scenarios like this don’t happen again.”

WND reported the 2016 Republican draft platform contained a blistering denunciation of pornography as a grave threat to public health and a “menace.”

The amendment introduced by North Carolina delegate Mary Frances Forrester, which was adopted unanimously, promptly unleashed a wave of criticism from left-wing commentators eager to poke fun at the Republican Party.

The reality, however, according to WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, author of “The Marketing of Evil” and “The Snapping of the American Mind,” is that labeling pornography a health hazard is simply common sense.

“Only an idiot would scoff at the statement that pornography constitutes a public health crisis in America,” he said. “With hundreds of thousands of marriages destroyed by porn addiction, an estimated 100,000 child-porn websites and the reality that Americans, including a high percentage of teens and even children, are routinely exposed to graphic hardcore sexual images due to the ubiquitous nature of online pornography – of course it’s a crisis. Few things in our modern era reliably deliver more misery, suffering, bondage and family breakdown than pornography.”

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