Surprise! Look who’s ‘president of Trump re-election campaign’

By Joe Kovacs

President Trump aboard Air Force One (Official White House photo)
President Trump aboard Air Force One (Official White House photo)

Despite calling President Trump an “idiot” in recent days, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter says she’s actually a champion for the commander in chief, and is now labeling herself as “president of the Trump re-election campaign.”

“I’m president of the Trump re-election campaign,” Coulter tweeted Sunday.

“Other groups will make bumper stickers & signs, but I’m the only one actually trying to get him re-elected.”

This comes after weeks of Coulter vocally bashing Trump in connection with his lack of a border wall and his declaration this month of a national emergency to deal with illegal immigration.

“The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot,” Coulter told KABC Radio on Feb. 15, adding she was grateful Trump had been distancing himself from her.

“Thank God he’s relieved me any responsibility for what he’s been doing,” she said. “That was the biggest favor anyone could do for me.”

Coulter’s new tweet saying she was the only one actually trying to get Trump re-elected was in response to comments Sunday from former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

When asked by Seth Doane of CBS how calling the president an idiot would play with the Republican base of voters, Bannon explained:

Ann provides a function. She is actually out there as kind of the spokesman … she doesn’t play by the Marquess of Queensbury’s Rules. She’s very pointed in how she says it. I know she supports the president, but in this regard, I think she brings up some good points …

I’m not so sure he was that well served in these negotiations about the details of what was actually in the immigration part of this. And I think Ann has done a good job of trying to bring those up so people can understand it. It’s not that people of the base don’t support the president. But remember, the president came with an agenda, that agenda was dealing with mass illegal immigration and also dealing with legal immigration. That’s what supporters want to see and want to make sure that he is focused on to the degree they can help him for that agenda. So, I wouldn’t take this personally from Ann Coulter. I actually think the president should look at that as something that’s trying to be constructive in trying to help further his agenda.

Ann Coulter (Twitter profile)
Ann Coulter (Twitter profile)

In January, as WND reported, Coulter called Trump the “biggest wimp ever to serve as president” after he reopened the federal government despite no funding progress to build a barrier on the U.S. border with Mexico.

She also uncorked a scathing series of messages to insult former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for his support of President Trump’s handling of the border wall and government shutdown.

One of her tweets stated: “RIDDLE OF THE DAY: How do you break Newt Gingrich’s nose? (ANSWER: Kick Donald Trump in the a**.)”

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