Teaching Bible in public schools could be bad for Christians

By Around the Web

(TRO FIRE) – Donald Trump recently threw his support behind the idea of teaching the Bible in public schools, but as a recent article in the Atlantic pointed out, this could end up being very bad for Christians. After all, they like to ignore all of the things that the Bible says about caring for your neighbor, being kind to foreigners, and how wicked the wealthy are. They may not get the results the expect if they push this initiative.

On Monday, Fox and friends air to segment where they were talking about the need for teaching the Bible in public schools and how Republicans all over the country. We’re actually pushing bills and initiatives to force public schools to teach children the Bible. You know the thing. It’s like, it’s going to help with Literacy Bible literacy classes. And then Donald Trump, after watching this on Fox and friends, did what he always does. He tweets out like, hell yeah, I love this. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he threw his support behind teaching the Bible in public schools. Now I have repeatedly said, and we’ve actually covered these initiatives by the Republicans in past segments. Uh, I am not in favor in any way of forcing public schools to teach the Bible. Not a fan of it whatsoever, unless of course you also want to throw in the Koran, the Torah, every other religious text and make it a class that includes all of them.

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