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Walls are immoral? Walls don't work?

Why are Democrats nearly universally opposed to President Trump’s plan to build border walls with our neighbors to the south?

For the most part, they give two reasons:

1. Walls are immoral.
2. Walls don’t work.

Without question, the Democratic Party is slouching toward open-borders policies, but few leaders are inclined to say it out loud.

It’s an uncomfortable position to be in, unless the entire media establishment agrees with the subterfuge and covers for it. And that, of course, is the reality in which the Democratic Party lives and breathes. It’s good to be a Democrat. You can get away with almost anything – even sexual assault, even wearing blackface, even advocating infanticide.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are still working on the marketing of their open-borders, open-immigration, anti-sovereignty, anti-security, anti-safety, anti-citizen and anti-American policies. So, they are testing two contradictory themes to see which, if either, fly with their constituents.

Think about it.

Walls are immoral.

Walls don’t work.

Those who say, “Walls are immoral” presumably mean by this sloganeering that they prevent immigrants from entering the U.S. where their individual lives will be improved and the country, if I may use that word, will be blessed by their presence.

Yet, would that assertion not require that the second slogan be untrue?

If walls are indeed immoral, it must mean that they are effective in deterring open immigration for those who embrace it.

And if walls don’t work, the corollary must be that they are ineffective in preventing open borders.

Do you follow?

The question is this: Which is it? Are walls immoral? Or do they not work? It can’t both – not by those who welcome open borders, who embrace the free movement of neighbors from other countries, who see Americans not as sovereign citizens of the USA but rather as “citizens of the world.”

May I suggest what is really going on here?

The Democrats are simply throwing out everything but the kitchen sink in making the incoherent case for doing nothing to stop the crisis of illegal immigration, indeed, the national emergency that is open borders.

With thousands of Americans dying as a result of illegal drugs pouring over the borders every month, Democrats not only won’t admit there is a crisis or a national emergency because of their policies, they can’t see that they have created the equivalent of a war on our southern border, an invasion, a human catastrophe.

Remember Vietnam? It divided America like few wars in our history. Yet more Americans die from drugs coming over the Mexican border every year than did in the entire history of the Vietnam conflict.

That fact – that 70,000 Americans lives were extinguished be drugs smuggled into the U.S from Mexico – should provide all the reason we need to finish the wall.

Yet, that’s only one of dozens of reasons to make this priority one for Americans.

Here are some others:

And that’s just the beginning.

What turns out to be immoral is NOT finishing the wall.

And what turns out not to work is not a wall, but a hopelessly and deliberately broken immigration system that has indeed created a crisis, a national emergency, an undeclared war on America, an invasion supported by a fifth column of collaborators who are every bit as dangerous to America’s future as the phalanx of illegal aliens at our doorstep.