Why are blacks allowed to lie about whites?

By Jesse Lee Peterson

When and how did it become “okay” for black Americans to make up false accusations against white people? Blacks and others stage phony so-called “hate crimes,” cry racism and push for ridiculous “anti-lynching” laws. They act as if whites are judging, harassing, raping and killing blacks, when it’s the other way around. If anything, it’s blacks and liberal media and politicians declaring whites guilty until proven innocent – and even afterward they still call whites “racist.”

Did it start with Tawana Brawley’s false rape allegations against six white men, including at least one white police officer? She had the so-called “N-word,” “b**ch,” and “KKK” written upside-down on her torso in charcoal, with what turned out to be a neighbor’s dog feces smeared on her. The case, from way back in 1987-88, was publicized by known race hustler and Brawley’s advisor Al Sharpton. Under evil men like Louis Farrakhan, the blacks carried on, marched in the streets and cried “racism.”

After it came out that Brawley lied, there was no apology, and nothing happened to the girl or her family. The mother, charged with contempt of court, evaded arrest because authorities feared possible violence.

Remember the Duke lacrosse case in 2006, in which a black stripper falsely accused white university athletes of “raping” her? It was all a lie, but no one came out and apologized to white people.

Recently, this radical black homosexual Jussie Smollett accused white people of a so-called “racist and homophobic” attack in Chicago. Now the “Empire” actor and social justice warrior is charged with filing a false police report. He’s still trashing the police.

The wicked witch Kamala Harris, and the weak beta male Cory Booker, called the alleged attack an “attempted modern-day lynching” – with no evidence. (What’s wrong with Republican Sen. Tim Scott that he’d join forces with such evil people to push a silly “anti-lynching” bill?) These black Democrats want to lynch white people – they don’t believe in due process for whites! Even now that it’s an apparent hoax, Kamala is still attacking imaginary “racism” and “homophobia.”

I guarantee there will be no apology.

A watchdog group has documented incident after incident of blacks and others, who’ve been allowed into white schools, staging “hate crime” hoaxes against whites. Black male and female students paint so-called “racial slurs.”

Black Lives Matter riots and cop-killings were based on lies such as Michael Brown’s false “hands-up, don’t shoot.” Former Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Brown in self-defense, lost his job, went into hiding, and couldn’t even be around black people. Stupid activists called him “racist.”

Colin Kaepernick turned his back on the flag and the country – refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Kaepernick falsely accused police of murdering “people of color” and “getting away with it.” Around the country, black kids with failing parents followed his bad example – along with other black athletes. But the weak NFL owners and pathetic NFL commissioner Roger Goodell kissed up to the thuggish black players, for fear of being called “racist.”

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Only President Trump called out the disrespectful black players. He wished an NFL owner would say, “Get that son-of-a-b**ch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired!” Donald Trump speaks with the love and authority of a good father – something most blacks never had.

Why are whites not creating a loud outcry, demanding an apology from these blacks, politicians and media constantly lying about “racism”? For decades, whites have sat back in fear and false guilt, pandering, appeasing and being quiet while blacks go out-of-control. Most blacks hate white people – for no reason. Blacks’ hatred started in the homes, with their own failing parents, angry mothers and weak or absent fathers. And whites’ cowardice is also from weak fathers and angry mothers – false notions of being “nice” and letting evil continue. But fear and anger are the same – no matter the race.

It’s no wonder younger whites are growing angry, some of them turning to the alt-right. Many in the alt-right, as well as many white “conservatives,” have turned to hate, blame and victimhood – destroying their lives as a result. People think anger is strength, but it’s not – anger is evil. It makes you do things you regret later.

Anytime whites lash out in anger, the children of the lie celebrate, saying, “See? Whites are racist!” They want you demoralized and angry, because then they can control you. They can take away your freedoms and rights, your guns, and put you in jail.

This will only get worse. The government wants a race war, especially the Democrats. I’m very concerned because they are bringing in illegal aliens and people of color who hate white people, and whites are becoming a minority. Then we’ll have what’s happening in South Africa coming here, with whites’ property and lives being taken with no recourse.

People’s hearts must change in order for this to stop. But only God changes the heart. I recommend people commit to prayer, and face their parents and forgive them. Drop anger and speak up, so that you can get your courage back.


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