Why the Old Testament shouldn’t be tossed

By WND Staff

Mr. Farah:

Regarding your column “So much confusion about ‘Old Testament law’“: Thank you for continuing to cover this story. We attended Andy’s church for 10 years (hoping the children would connect with the children’s’ ministries). After 10 years, we now attend another church in the area, and really appreciate the attention to personal discipleship and sound doctrine at the new church.

My observations of Andy over the 10+ years is that he does not tend to be open to dialog, and instead makes proclamations. He seems to believe a good offense is the best defense. I also think he tends to cherry-pick passages that support his message and will just not engage with passages that run counter.

I think he would agree he has a low view of theological thought. I also think he tends to be revisionist in his history (especially of the early church). He reminds me of Michelle Obama who wanted to re-write our national history.

It concerns me that he is creating his own religion, where we are not the wild olive branches grafted into the vine of God’s salvation story, but we are the story. While he has picked out one passage on which to base everything (John 13:34), he ignores much of Jesus teaching which affirms the role and importance of the Old Testament (the only scripture that Jesus had at the time, of course).

My biggest concern is that by selecting out this one passage (John 13:34) he is moving from objective truth toward a subjective concept that he calls “love” – read into that term any definition you would like. This is a subjective/relativistic approach that appeals to a growing post-modern audience. While Andy is not moving as fast in this direction as some pastors (i.e. Rob Bell), to me it seems to be definitely in the post-modern direction.

I think this issue only scratches the surface of some issues with Andy’s theology, and unfortunately it appears from the outside that he is not accountable to anyone from a theological standpoint.

I’m sorry to have written so much. I just wanted to thank you for continuing to follow this issue. I pray for discernment in the broader church to know how to address issues like this, and bring the gospel message in fullness and in truth. I struggle, but pray that my comments reflect brotherly love for Andy, but also with loving constructive criticism.

I appreciate your work and that of WND!

– Jeff

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