After weeks of round-the-clock detective work and breathless media coverage, the racist, anti-gay, noose-around-the-neck “hate-crime attack” on actor Jussie Smollett by MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporters was revealed by Chicago police to be nothing but a big fat hoax.

Then came the revelation – by the few honest media sources left – that many of the highest-profile “hate crimes” in recent years have likewise been hoaxes, wherein the “victim” turns out to be the perpetrator. Indeed, the website, using links to media reports, documents over 350 such fake hate crimes.

As if to punctuate this bizarre phenomenon, right after Smollett’s drama finally dropped out of the headlines, another high-profile “hate crime” took its place: Transgender activist Nikki Joly, once designated “citizen of the year” by a local Michigan newspaper, was charged with first-degree arson after authorities determined the activist’s house had been intentionally burned to the ground (killing two dogs and three cats inside) by Joly, who had reported it as an anti-LGBT hate crime.

This is genuine madness. So why is it happening?

The shocking truth about America’s epidemic of hate-crime hoaxes is documented in the March issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine – “AGE OF THE HOAX: How the progressive left creates, promotes and celebrates fake crimes.”


Consider why Jussie Smollett perpetrated his hoax crime. He did it, say prosecutors, to enhance his own life and career – to increase his wealth, fame, opportunity, power and influence by clothing himself in the moral superiority and public adulation that, in today’s society, attach to anyone regarded as a victim of bigotry.

Therefore, Smollett allegedly lied nonstop, defamed innocent people and badly abused America’s most sacred institutions – all to advance his selfish power agenda.

How, asks “AGE OF THE HOAX,” is that any different from what today’s hard-left Democratic Party does every day from morning until night?

This issue of Whistleblower reveals why ever more “fake hate crimes” are not only predictable, but inevitable – indeed, why hoax crimes are becoming a dominant force in American life.

Highlights of “AGE OF THE HOAX” include:

  • “Today’s Democratic Party is a hoax factory: From Tawana Brawley to the Green New Deal, fraud and fabrication mark the left’s march forward” by David Kupelian
  • “Hoax ‘hate crimes’ in the Trump era: Highest-profile cases that dominate news cycles are almost all fake” by Peter Hasson
  • “Malkin’s handy history of fake noose: Hysteria over string, shoelaces and other innocent debris a prominent feature in ‘hate crime’ lynching hoaxes” by Michelle Malkin
  • “‘Anti-Muslim hate crimes’ flourish in the age of Trump: Understanding the deranged fantasy world of the totalitarian cry-bully” by Jamie Glazov
  • “The epidemic of racist attacks on black churches … that never happened: Former communist spychief reveals how far the left will go to undermine America” by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Prof. Ronald Rychlak
  • “The art of the hoax: Today’s American colleges are the epicenter for fake hate crimes” by Scott Greer
  • “Mega-hoax: The American left is now the party of fascism. Democrats’ ‘big lie’ is projecting their own sins onto Trump and Republicans” by Dinesh D’Souza
  • “Trump is no racist, and accusers know it: Dem congressman invokes KKK, calling president ‘grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave'” by Joseph Farah
  • “What if they graded hoaxes like hurricanes? Top expert says ‘80% of the events that happen on campus are hoaxes or pranks'” by Jack Cashill
  • “Darwin’s Cat 5 hoax”
  • “The biggest lie of the Green New Deal: What’s really behind the insane solution to a non-existent ‘existential threat'” by Ned Ryun
  • “How to fake a hate crime and get away with it: Lessons for Jussie Smollett and the left” by Daniel Greenfield.

As Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian puts it: “The essential dynamic of today’s hoax crimes is for the hoaxer to pretend to be a victim when, in reality, he is the victimizer. But this is also the core essential nature of the hard left, which forever is feigning victimhood – or feigning advocacy of ‘victim groups’ – but always as a way of advancing its own interests.

“Meanwhile, we are expected to embrace their favorite hoaxes – ‘the world will end in 12 years’ – as existential threats, while obviously real crises – like the radically intensifying invasion across our southern border – they mock as ‘hoaxes’ and ‘manufactured crises.'”

“By the way,” Kupelian adds, “this issue of Whistleblower is also a tremendously enjoyable read. It’s full of insight and fantastic information, but at the same time will elicit a lot of laughter.”

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